Corp Venture Capital At Eli Lilly – Case Study Example

Corporate Venture Capital Corporate venture capital is a practise where a large firm makes an investment in a small butinnovative and enterprising company by providing management and market to enable it gain a competitive advantage. At the Eli Lilly, investing in healthcare IT, Biotechnology and medical device start-up companies was the main objective of CVC. Corporate Venture Capital provided a broader scope for investments firms regardless of the stage the company exists in. The fund provided strategies for the business development as the acquisition of new technologies and commercialization of the products. It enabled the adoption of e.Lilly and Lilly BioVentures that produced robust results in the pharmaceutical world. The fund could give the research scientists more access to resources and leverage hence improving the firm’s products.
In the case of Protagonist investment, Darren Carroll can utilise the existing strategies at the Eli Lilly’s to establish the firm. Normally the main challenges getting a profitable income from investing in a firm at an infant stage. These issues can be countered since the protagonist already has well established modern facilities and efficient source of labour. The firm uses the sophisticated software in its drug manufacturing that can merge the research results with the existing facts in the library, these reduces the operational cost and increases drug success. With the application of the modern technology in the company, management issue won’t be a problem since communication is improved. Also, Carrol can send some of his venture corporates to help in the oversight of the projects in the Australian based firm.
In conclusion, the Eli Lilly Company should invest in the Protagonist Company. The company according to Carrol’s view shows a robust growth and its financial uprise is in its peak heights. The company also employs modern technology that can be a boost to the Eli Lilly.