Environmental Policy And Governance – Case Study Example

Unit Creating Clean Energy Sources for the Future and the Contribution to Technology development in the Same Fields Reflectionon the Case Study Topic
Environmental policy involves the attainment of environmental; sustainability at all levels within the world’s environments. The core issues revolving around environmental policies and sustainability are air, water, land, waste water management, pollution and other factors within the perimeters of sustainability. Clean energy sources is the key component and goal to the realization of the sustainability aspect and the benefits of which are across the trans-boundaries (Tobin & Boyadjis 2010, p 48).
Reasons for Choosing the Issue in Academic Terms
Clean energy development mechanisms are measured through which the academic sectors can incorporate such techniques and this will improve the education standard of learning institutions. The need for clean energies will motivate the researchers; students and other academician conduct research in the field and with a lot of enthusiasm find new ideas in the field. The knowledge acquired through research is to be applied to help in developing the clean energy sources and this is how the researchers are to intervene in changing the situation of the world’s environments (Tobin & Boyadjis 2010, p 47).
The Contribution of the Case Study Topic to Academic Literature
A lot of research has been done on clean energy development and energy alternatives, but little research has been done on the development of clean energy sources with consideration of the trans-boundary issues (Tobin & Boyadjis 2010, p 50). The intervention of clean energy techniques presents a lot of opportunities for restoration, conservation and preservation of the world’s resources and environments across cultural, geographic and political boundaries. Politics play an important role in the realization of the need to incorporate the clean energy policies and plans into the environmental policy frameworks.
Tobin, M, & Boyadjis, G 2010, Preparing For A Clean-Energy Future, Financial Executive, vol. 26, no. 2, pp. 47-51.