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  • For this case study, you will pretend to be a consultant hired by the XYZ Company to analyze communication problems in the organization and to make recommendations to avoid similar problems in the future

For this case study, you will pretend to be a consultant hired by the XYZ Company to analyze communication problems in the organization and to make recommendations to avoid similar problems in the future – Case Study Example

Communication problem The President Mr. XYZ case There is a communication omission problem between the organization’s president, his son and other organization employees. The president favors his son despite him being late at work. However, none of the employees has ever told him the negative impact associated with favoritism in organization management. On the other hand, employees have never communicated to their president on their dissatisfaction with the power granted to his son despite his limited experience. Additionally, the president has never communicated to his son the drawbacks of coming to work late. The manner in which the president praises his son does not bring out the son’s real character. Due to lack of adequate communication to the president on the dissatisfaction occasioned by applying nepotism in awarding of contracts and employment, the president granted his family friend’s company contract of maintaining the office. He also pays his nephew for unnecessary job of maintaining the parking lot and mowing grass. Lack of communication in this case, has the potential of gradually reducing the performance of the organization as the input of the grumbling employees may reduce considerably. There are also chances of lack of teamwork between the president’s son and other employees who are time conscious (Curtis 126) To solve the communication problem within the organization, the management should put mechanisms in place to give employees a chance to air their grievances and dissatisfaction. The employees should discuss their dissatisfaction with the organization’s directors and other involved stakeholders in case the president shows hostility and unwillingness to listen. The directors should also communicate with the president on the disadvantages associated with the exercising of nepotism in the workplace. There is also need for a clear delegation of power in the organization to provide an avenue for interaction and team work. Grace the VP case In this case study, Grace, the vice president has a communication problem with her subordinates. The vice president is using ineffective communication practices in solving the organization’s conflicts (Jay 45). In addition, she is always not willing to listen to the problem facing employees in the work place. The constant disapproval from the subordinates is making Grace increasingly uncomfortable. In this case, it seems no employee communicates with the VP freely and constructively on her responsibility as an organizational leader. As a result, she feels isolated and fails to understand the importance of communication in solving employees’ problem. The VP’s way of communication in solving organization problem is wanting. Although he does not like confrontation, her way of communication in solving problem is inappropriate in an organization. Additionally, employees do not understand her way of communication. In this case, the vice president’s personal communication problem can affect the organization’s productivity and atmosphere. There are chances that, both the organization employees and vice president have never communicated about their personal communication problem. On the hand, the vice president way of communication can deny her management adequate ideas from employees in decision making process. To solve this communication problem, employees need to express their dissatisfaction to the right authority. The vice president should undergo special training to learn how to address employees’ grievances. A clear and formal mechanism to address employees’ problems should be put in place to enhance productive communication. Seminars are also relevant to address the personality problem affecting the employees and their vice president. Work cited Curtis, Krasner. Understanding communication problem in non-governmental organizations. Journals of Communication, 31, 11, (2008), 126-128 Jay, Jackson. The organization and its communication problems. London. Wiley & Sons Publishers. 2008