Human resources - performance appraisal – Case Study Example

Human Resources - Performance Appraisal Case Study Human Resources - Performance Appraisal Case Study Item 1 Problems: The employee assumes that he is being evaluated against older and more experienced employees. But that is not the case. Evaluation is with respect to each individual and not in comparison with others. Additional Action: Discuss with the evaluator what exactly was communicated to the employee. Was he given an impression that he was being evaluated against the older employees or was he told that experienced employees get better ratings as they have learnt a lot on the job? Item 2 Problems: The main issue here is that two employees compared their performance evaluations. Evaluation process is individualistic to each employee. The employee states that they both do an equally good job. Evaluation is not solely focused on quality and quantity of the job but also involves various factors such as attendance, attitude, conduct, etc. Additional Action: Enquire with evaluator if the employee was informed that performance evaluation is confidential and not to be discussed with fellow employees. Item 3 Problems: The performance appraisal form has been lost. Even though a valid reason is provided, the manager should have been more responsible. Additional Action: Verify with there was a remodelling of the offices and crosscheck with the janitor if some papers were accidentally thrown. Item 4 Problems: The supervisor is not trained and does not know how to complete the organization’s performance appraisal form. Additional Action: Check if there is another trained evaluator who can complete the evaluation for the new supervisor. Item 5 Problems: Employee disagrees with the evaluation and continues to argue with the evaluator. There is no requirement for the employee to agree with the evaluation but it is important that she acknowledges it. Additional Action: Check with the evaluator for the reasons behind the ratings. Item 6 Problems: Employee refuses to acknowledge the appraisal form in spite of agreeing with the evaluation. The evaluator is of the opinion that the employee is stubborn and always a problem. It is vital for an employee to acknowledge the evaluation to avoid unfair practices in the company. Additional Action: Get a feedback from other sources in the company if the employee has been causing problems consistently and repeating his negative behaviour. Item 7 Problems: Employee feels that performance evaluations would have no affect on her. She has proven to be an exceptional worker and there is no room for her promotion or hike in her pay. Hence, she does not feel the necessity to participate in performance evaluations. Even though performance evaluation does not have an effect on the employee, it is important to conduct evaluations to maintain uniformity in the company and also there is always room for improvement for every individual. Additional Action: Check if there are other employees who feel the same way. Item 8 Problems: Employee claims that there were changes made to the appraisal form after she had acknowledged it. She believes that the negative remarks were added and ratings changed without being discussed with her and after she had signed the form Additional Action: Verify with the evaluator if what the employee claims is true and if not was it discussed with the employee. Either case has to be proved. Item 9 Problems: Employee to be evaluated works alone and as a result there is no way to know how he good he is in a group environment. Rating him in this category is not possible and if not rating this would affect his overall rating. Additional Action: Check if the employee prior to this has worked in any group setting in the company. Item 10 Problems: Employee claims that details of the performance evaluation which should have been kept confidential were disclosed to the co-workers of the employee by the evaluator. Additional Action: Verify from different source including the evaluator if the confidential information of the evaluation was disclosed.