Leadership – Case Study Example

Leadership al Affiliation: Leadership Summary Obama was able to use his personal appeal to win the general elections. To many, he isa leader who inspires hope to the oppressed and less fortunate in the society. He is a charismatic leader who has been able to navigate his way up despite the existence of successful people both in the organizations and the society at large. In order to understand in depth Obama as a charismatic leader, a study was conducted with the aim of investigating the discourse of charisma mainly in articles that were written six months before his election. The results indicated that the media played a significant role in creating an enthusiastic atmosphere around Obama. His charismatic characteristics were built around him as a person with major emphasis being on his life story, personality, and behaviour.
Critical Analysis
Elections in United States are closely contested with people looking at personal ideologies. However, in this election, there was a diversion from the norm. For many decades, marginalized groups especially blacks and non-natives felt that if one of their own was in the helm of power, they were likely to be recognized. However, Barrack Obama was able to create a link between the natives and non natives. His behaviours, personalities, and life story inspired both the oppressed and the local population. In addition, many looked at him as an inspirational leader. Nevertheless, his charismatic leadership when he was a senator of Illinois made people to feel that he has good leadership skills that can steer the country ahead.
One of the major implications of charismatic characteristics is that Obama was able to secure votes from both natives and non-natives. In addition, he has created hope to all people irrespective of their social status, religious background, and race. This has played a significant role in uniting people in the country.