Nike's International Operations – Case Study Example

Nike international operations conduct business in foreign countries. Starting business in a foreign country requires a lot of research as well as analysis of the new region. This is essential to ensure proper quittance on government policies, businessclimate, targetmarket, marketing strategies, as well as policies on importationND exportation. If proper antsy is not made, the company may end up making losses because they will not have identified themselves well withheir-ragged market. Lack of knowledge on taxes andquotas also leads to losses Region In this case, Nike conducts its businesses in Asia-Pacific regions. Theseregions include China, India, and Japan. Jan and India are advocating for closer ties to counter the assertive nature of China. India is in the processing of signing treaties on securities, trade, and investment pacts with in aim of creating partners that are more Asian. Thisfollows the Look East policy they have initiated. As part of opposition to china,terraria claims, Jana expected Imia to demonstrate non-proliferationcreditors on nuclear activities. China however still stands as majortidepartner with Jan ad India. The disputes between china and its neighbours in thee sat a=is creating global attention. China keeps challenging India on the land bored issue as well as Indian Ocean waters. China attends to ensure diplomacy and military supremacy, encourages closer ties between Japan and India. A strong India is in the best interest of India and so is the vies versa. This tie aim to proclaim freedom and prosperity. The ties between japan and India will result in a competitive business climate competed to china. Peace and stability contributed to thedvelopeemntand economic rise of Asia. However this rising tension brings uncertainties and resources will be diverted to stop the conflict and this discourages theforign and local inevstors.The tensions not only because the rivalry between south n East China Seavitals because of the unclear threats in East china. Domestic upheavals results fromtbissocial ND economic inequalities. Reflection The sense of conflict between counties in Asia-pacific may deter the success of Nike’s operation there. This is because the support themed from the government as well as the market their need have divided attention. They concentrate more on regaining their political stability and peace and they hardly have regards on new goods in the market. This has contributed to a decrease in process go the goods as well as the sales capacity. It however noticeable that the ties between Indiaadjoin will lead to competitive advantage between them and Chain. Competition is good for the success of the business since the business gets encouraged to improve its services hence attract anarguer market. This is necessary because the target meat in Addis-pacific is sensitive on material quality before purchasing. TheclosertiesbetweenJanand Us also encourages investment and favours the operations of Nike there. The free trade treaty between the toenations as well the low land rates as well as rebating japan is quite encouraging Advanced technology enables Nike to form partnerships with cooperation’s here as part of their entry strategy. The lathe population of nations in this region also encourage .Language barrier also is major problem foe investing in these nations because they will affect methods of research, marketing as well as disibutiob. The regional inequalities as well as complex tack systems in this nations is quite discouraging. A business however emails taking a risk, beneth the many challenges, there are merits. Success of busses in Asia-Pacific requires a lot of determination and it rewards well.