Paper – Case Study Example

Teacher Should Google, Yahoo, Bing or any similar search company be required by the U.S. government to block any companies who illegally sell patentable products or copyright material?
Ideally they should be blocked. But how can they enforce it? Raid every company that is alleged to sell illegal patentable products or copyright material? It just cannot be done or even if the government will try, they will just fail. Because as long as there is a demand for counterfeit products and/or products that has illegal patent or copyright, there will always be companies who will sell them. Even assuming for the sake of argument that United States government will be successful in blocking them, these companies will just move their operation somewhere else and still be able to sell because the reach of the internet is global.
What is to be done? Blocking companies is not enough and not effective. What should be done is to discourage demand. If there is no demand for those illegal products, there will be no companies selling them. It has to be noted that business is always stimulated by demand.
Currently there are already efforts along these lines. Of course we see government raids on illegal companies but there are also information drives that discourage consumers to use them. There are a number of reasons cited that could range from use of child labor, inimical to industry, use to finance other illegal activities etch. These efforts may not have totally stopped companies selling illegal patentable products or copyright material but they are effective in reducing the demand. If these efforts will become pervasive and consistent, demand will eventually stop and these companies will cease to exist. This is better than blocking companies who sell illegal copyrighted materials.