Secret Banking Elite Rules Trading In Derivatives – Case Study Example

Derivatives market There are various options in this case: Auditing of the books of the derivative traders should be doneso as to reveal how much they are earning from the trade. This will help influence the other players like those who need to trade with the dealers for derivatives to consider their position. This position will be either to trade in the derivatives or not. Banks and other institutions that want to join in the market should lobby for them to be able to operate in the market and hence loosen the reins of the trade from a few hands. This will make sure that other competitors enter the market hence promoting transparency.
A transparent market like that of stocks and shares should be established through an intervention with the government so as to make sure that people are not exploited and that the trade does not remain within few hands that are not honest with their dealings. This can be done through the trade commission and the Department of Justice. This will make a secret trade exposed, and rules played in a legal manner. Firms should start trading in derivative markets despite the opposition that is faced from the secret group. With the help of the government and other state trade regulators, they can ensure their success and dominance in the field and even provide competition to the secret firms. With this competition, exploitation of people is bound to stop.All the alternatives above can be done jointly as the market is hard to penetrate and it is prone to unfair dealings as it is worth a lot of money to a few people who mean to protect it at all costs.
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