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Royal Phone Hacking Summary The international phone hacking scandal by the media involving the News of The World and the British newspapers is a reflection of the failed ethical values in the communication industry. Notably, ethical conduct is molded by law and regulations, values and leadership, it can therefore be concluded that the News Corporation Company deserted its values and neglected the laws of the governing body and would therefore face the full force of the law for breaching its ethics and the legal authority. Moreover, there are huge consequences for violating the media law, and some of these consequences include, imprisonment, demotion, negative reputation, financial costs in the form of fines or legal statements and guilty in individuals.

The News of the Word employees were found guilty of phone hacking, corruption and some other improper determination to publish news for their own interests. Media ethics aim at setting up a comprehensive set of standard principle to regulate how the industry interacts with the public. An ethical issue deals with what is considered right (ethical) or wrong (wrong) by an individual or an organization.

Every institution has its own constitution governing what is considered ethical or unethical within the specific line of profession or activity undertaken. The media Law is a legislation that covers all forms of media communications and its undertakings. According to the investigations conducted, the phone hacking activities were limited to the British Royal Family, politicians and celebrities, an action that was deemed a total misuse of freedom and power. In July 2011, it was revealed that the phone of Milly Dowler, a school girl that was found murdered had been hacked, thus resulting to a public rebellion against the News Cooperation and Rupert Murdoch.

The act of deviating from the standard norms of an organization for personal interest is considered unethical, and the international phone hacking scandal is a perfect example. Lack of ethics has a wealth of negative consequences to any organization. In the United States of America, the federal government established rules and regulations that have to be adhered to by every organization. Ethical behaviors consequently affect the employee relations, a company’s credibility and reputation as well as the general performance.

The phone hacking scandal led to a number of arrests and resignations, for instance, initial arrests included the former Now Editor Andy Coulson, imprisonment of Clive Goodman and Rebekah Brooks’s resignation. The police implication further led to the resignation of Sir Paul Stephenson who was a senior police officer. Moreover, increased public pressure led to the cancellation of the proposed interests of News Cooperation to take over the British Telecommunication Company (BSkyB). The Royal Phone Hacking Scandal in relation to Rupert Murdoch leadership qualities can be used to describe some qualities that need to be addressed.

The vice of corruption is a factor that that ruined the reputation of the News Cooperation because of bribing officials during the investigations. Leaders are required to exercise high standards of ethics in their daily undertakings. Rupert Murdoch’s companies failed completely as they were corrupt and used the public’s naivety for their own benefits. Their actions led to arrest, dismissal and the negative reputation of the company as a whole. Organizations are required to exercise high standards of ethical standards and indulge themselves into healthy competitions, with clarity and honesty.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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