Essays on Castle Bongo's Customer Relationship System Case Study

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The paper “ Castle Bongo’ s Customer Relationship System" is a  meaningful example of a case study on marketing. Customer relationship management is a business strategy crafted to increase profitability and reduce costs through solidification of customer loyalty, satisfaction, and advocacy. Customer relationship management consolidates data from data sources within and outside the organization in order to portray a holistic view of each customer. Customer relationship management has evolved to permeate the entire organization. It involves technology, processes, and people. The strategy is applied to getting exhaustive information about the behaviors and needs of the customers for the purpose of coming up with relationships that are stronger with the business.

Business success is guided by the relationship that exists between itself and the customers. Customer relationship management seeks to perfect this relationship (Lior, 2005). Customer relationship management makes it possible for Castle Bingo to keep pace with changing trends in the market and therefore address the needs of the customers. A good relationship with the customers is enhanced through customer relationship management since customers are being as important stakeholders. Castle Bingo has the mandate of providing a conducive and relaxing environment that will help the clients to unwind after the bustle of everyday city life.

The customers will be understood through the information that they provide and what has been stored in the database of the business. Economic times are ever changing and the great recession that was witnessed in the world from 2007 is still biting (Greenberg, 2009).   Castle Bingo does not have to introduce something that will not be acceptable among its customers and, therefore, leading to losses. Information gathered from customers can be used to predict what will work for customers. Main FindingsCastle Bingo as the main trading arm of Castle Leisure has to come up with a customer relationship system that will seek to consolidate information about the customer.

In order to spice up the games offered at leisure events, the management has to have full knowledge of the preferences and needs of the customers being targeted. Having been incepted in 1911, Castle Bingo stands a chance of attracting many games owing to the reputation and history of the company.

The customer relationship management system is very crucial for giving any type of business a competitive edge. The management is able to keep in touch with reality by evaluation databases that contain clients’ information (Rajola, 2003). Customer relationship management increases interactions with customers as well as prospects. It entails the use of technology to automate, organize, and synchronize processes of business particularly sales actions. Other elements include customer service, technical support, and market. It enables the business to win, attract, and find new clients, create loyalty, and come up with new services that excite potential customers (Dyché , 2002).

Former clients are enticed to come back while targeting to reduce the costs of client service and marketing. The customer relationship management system plays an important role in coming up with management tools like the Decision Support System. Management can make accurate decisions after analyzing the information provided by the customer relationship management system. Managers many times postpone difficult decisions and seek to find more information after trying in vain to comprehend the information that is available to them. Decisions Support System provides a chance for managers to exhaustively use the information available (Peel & Gancarz, 2002).

This information is made possible through the existence of a customer relationship management system that has databases that contain massive information about clients and potential markets.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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