Essays on Great Business Leaders: Wipro Case Study

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The paper "Great Business Leaders: Wipro" is a wonderful example of a case study on business. Wipro is in India and established in the year of 1945. It mainly majors technological services, development services, and business outsourcing. It is growing over the past years and currently, it boasts of 87 branches all over the world. Its founding mission is the provision of strategic principles on the technological industry. Wipro focuses on provisions of goods and services that make it a competitive edge in the technological market. Strategic form of management is the one responsible for having propelled the company to great heights (Hamm, 2007). Green initiatives are undertaken by Wipro Wipro Care Program Areas where Wipro operates chips in helping the needy in society.

The main purpose of the Wipro Care Program is to help in times of disaster such as floods and the needy in society. It helps in employing local people on the company for them to benefit. The interaction between employees and local people is highly advocated. The main element for good work coordination in Wipro is the healthcare of locals, environmental rehabilitation, and education. Education Education is a fundamental catalyst for people in the world.

Wipro shares the same sentiments and advocated education highly for the local communities. They sponsor children into programs and provide basic needs for a child to achieve decent education. It goes into the extent of bridging schools and educates them to fill their professional expertise in the company. Eco-eye It is a green initiative by Wipro focusing on the ecological aspect of surrounding people. Wipro believes in a bright future, and ecological development is key to make the future sustainable.

The initiative aims in bringing out an eco-balance in company ventures. It makes uses of cheap eco-friendly materials in production (Memphis, 2010). Healthcare It is a noble initiative that focuses on providing basic primary health requirements to the people where they are based. They collaborate with other non-governmental organizations to make it possible. They are mobile clinics that operate in their regions, help to rush pregnant women to hospitals, and register them.   Challenges Facing Wipro Global warming is one thing affecting Wipro. Science states that the effects of global warming are storms and hurricanes.

The rise of tides due to global warming and rains makes Wipro infrastructure to be compromised in the coastal cities. Flooding causes displacement of individuals and the workforce of Wipro at times is displaced influencing the overall productivity of the company. There is the challenge of clean water that is unpolluted by the company’ s sewage. Another challenge facing Wipro is Industry convergence. It is consolidated in Indian mainly housing eight of its firms unlike in the rest of world parts. It is a major challenge too since other companies are well established in all world countries. Competition is increasing in the technological field.

Other firms are entering the markets where Wipro is well established. They offer cheap quality services at a low cost. It hits Wipro hard and in its effort to counter that it reduces its price for its services hence overall profits are reduced. The product life cycle is another challenge facing Wipro. The product life cycle has to be complete, but some customers demand to have products and services that are in parts. It forces the management to look out on new ways to satisfy the new kind of customers.

Such activities are costly and hit on them hard.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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