Essays on Cathay Pacific Airlines' Current Strategies, Strengths and Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats Case Study

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The paper “ Cathay Pacific Airlines’ Current Strategies, Strengths and Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats” is an impressive version of a case study on marketing. Cathay Pacific Airlines has looked towards developing its business by concentrating on its core competitive advantage which has been improved market penetration leading to higher market share, improved services by having the best employees and user-friendly interface to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. The airlines have developed their business by ensuring the best facilities for the staff to provide training and improving their operations by having more flights, aircraft, and route expansion. This has made Cathay Pacific Airlines towards using strategies which will improve market capitalization through 1) Improving the quality of services by having more air crafts, coverage to more routes and improved services by having different package according to the needs of an individual.

2) Developing a developmental hub that looks towards improving the business by working on areas that will ensure maximum coverage. 3) Improvement in facilities by developing new improved training ways aimed at better services. Cathay Pacific Airlines that is looking towards achieving the stated objective should look towards the following Improving the facilities for the staff which will ensure better services by having proper training facilities to develop the personnel The improved promotional methodology which looks to promote the airlines by presenting the different package and coverage Improved coverage by having more fleet of aircraft that helps the customers to reach even far off places Improving the relationship with the stakeholders, suppliers and external bodies along with the customers so that it helps to develop the business according to the desired framework Internal AnalysisThe analysis of Cathay Pacific Airlines through its mission, vision, customers, competitors, and environment helps to understand the SWOT of Cathay Pacific Airlines which will help to work towards developing the business model accordingly. StrengthsAmong its strengths is the excellence of its service in quality, and the ability to satisfy the customers by offering quality services.

Aside from the ordering of 30 Airbuses A350-900s in August 2010, a total of 91 new aircraft directed to Hong Kong is currently on their way, while 15 Airbuses A330-300s and 10 new Boeing 777-300ERs have recently arrived last March 2011 which has helped to build the brand name.

Ability to perform better in comparison to other airlines (Business Monitor International Ltd. 2011). This has helped in growing brand name thereby ensuring better coverage and flights to different destinations (Heracleous & Wirtz 2009). Presence in different sectors helps to aim all customers (Business Monitor International Ltd. 2011). This has ensured an improved interface that allows the customer to be able to gather useful information and also book tickets. WeaknessNot operating in the low-cost segment making the company lose vital customers. Also, the increased cost of operations due to rising oil prices is making it difficult to provide similar services.

Growing competition from other players as all look to target a similar segment of customers economies reeling under recession making it difficult for Cathay pacific to provide similar services at the determined cost. OpportunitiesMoving towards low-cost airlines due to a growing customer base and increased preference towards airline travel is an area to work on. Move into other markets where a business looks towards providing an opportunity of growth with aided with an increase in population base providing a larger section of people to cater to.

Improving services which will ensure proper and correct information with the customers thereby enhancing customer experience and providing an opportunity to make loyal customers.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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