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The paper “ Celebratory Event Portfolio” is a persuasive variant of the presentation on management. Our events company provides excellent event organizing services to a wide range of clients. The business consists of four members who work in different specialties. The team is composed of a Dj, the event’ s organizer and designer, the caterer, and an individual in charge of security. We intend to host an 18th Birthday Party for Millie who is about to finish her A level. The family lives in Cornwall. As noted, the parents have a budget of £ 2,000.00 to cater to the event that will be held on 21st August 2017.Millie wants to celebrate with friends from school and the National Youth Orchestra (she’ s been a member for a few years).

Some of her extended family, including younger cousins, are also invited to the party. Millie expects to have around 70 guests for the party on Saturday night. SECTION 11.1 A Vision and Concept of the EventTurning eighteen is a fascinating occasion in a teenager’ s life. Our vision is to offer a captivating party that is toiled to meet the preferences of Millie who turns eighteen very soon.

We also intend to develop a memorable event that Millis’ s family and friends will enjoy. Also, a key consideration is to provide a birthday party that will meet the outlined budget. The company also intends to present an occasion that has relevant themes that will meet the entertainment needs of the young adult and her friends. 1.2 Concept of the EventThe intent is to come up with a party that will accommodate the close to seventy guests. We anticipate developing a night Disco event that will captivate Millie and her friends.

In order to host all the invitees, the experience will involve setting up a moveable Disco at the venue which is the family’ s backyard. We will also offer exclusive DJ services that will comprehensively entertain the crowd. Our Dj has a work experience of over 20 years, consequently, he is aware of the significance of an 18th birthday to a teenager. Accordingly, we will personally work with the parents and the Millie to ensure that they give the guests and the birthday girl an event to remember.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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