Essays on How Have Cell Phones Changed Us Socially Research Proposal

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The paper "How Have Cell Phones Changed Us Socially? " is a perfect example of research proposal on social science. My topic concentrates in exploring the changes that the use of cell phone has brought about in society. The research question holds significance not just because it evaluates the social change brought about in the society because of cell phone, but also because it elaborates on the change of perception, attitude, and mindset, the existence of cell phone has brought about in people. This will make us understand further how this change in perception has led to the defamiliarization of social conditionings and more importantly, its improvement.

The topic is important because it is intriguing and interesting to see how cell phones are increasingly becoming one of the most essential parts of human life. It has transcended all boundaries of time, space and geography. It is fascinating both to comprehend and explore how life would be if this small little ‘ wonderful’ device did not exist! More than a few researches have already engaged with these issues. Discussions have been held in various forums such as the mass media of internet and television to understand this ‘ mystical’ yet glorifying prominence of cell phones.

Books such as ‘ The Mobile Connection: The Cell Phone’ s Impact on Society’ by Richard Seyler Ling and ‘ The Cell phone: The History and Technology of the Gadget that Changed the World’ by Guy Klemens and many others concerning social themes have dealt with this issue already. Yet the topic is the kind which needs constant exploration and perpetual updates gave the fast pace of technological revolution this device is a part of.

This is where the prospects of newer researches come in, such as the one I intend to undertake. It will seek to update on the social change that has resulted because of cell phones within diversities, within the latest times, with still newer trends. More importantly, it will try and underline whether or not, the great device that we harp about has been successfully availed by all whom this technology is meant for and whether or not it is as advantageous as all of thinking it is. How have people’ s outlooks towards life and living changed because of this technological marvel?

With this ‘ Great’ life-changing technological gadget that we have secured, have we lost something too? Much critical appreciation of this ‘ wonder’ still awaits and this research seeks to do exactly the same. The position taken while engaging in this research will be unbiased and will be of the kind that will allow the research to do what it seeks to do – to find out, explore and understand the impact of cell phones in society. Underlying the unbiased proposition of where the cell phones stand in our lives, the research will be able to draw certain conclusions and also give certain recommendations.

The research will be organized within sections or sub-sections each of which will try to explore a different way in which cell phone has influenced or changed the society. The main points this research will explore are thus: how has cell phone changed a life? What effects does it have in different societies? Is it the same in all the parts of the world?

What is the latest? What change in attitude and outlook has it bought about? What advantages has the device brought or is still likely to bring to human civilization? Is it always advantageous? The research seeks to maintain simplicity yet it will have precision, wealth in its consultation to various literature, in-depth analysis and objective examination of the issues under observation.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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