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The paper "Challenges in International Human Resource Management " is a great example of management coursework.   With the increased internationalization of the organization due to globalization, human resource management has slowly transformed into international human resource management (Scroggins & Benson 409). In the modern world, there are numerous organizations which have business operations in practically every part of the world, for example, the Toyota Corporation and Coca-Cola. Generally, an organization which has operations in a foreign country has to embrace international human resource management. International human resource management entails the processes of procuring human resources (workforce), allocating the human resources to appropriate processes and utilizing the human resources efficiently so as to achieve the organization’ s goals, all of which is done in an international level.

Ideally, international human resource management (IHRM), is responsible for the balanced integration and differentiation of all the human resource activities in all the countries which an organization has operations in. in order for an organization to be successful in the international market, it must have an efficient IHRM, bearing in mind that the human resource is one of the greatest assets to an organization; since it is by it that it is able to execute its policies and strategies.

However, there are several challenges associated with IHRM which human resource professionals have to cope with. The following paper will give a detailed discussion of the various IHRM challenges. One of the major challenges of IHRM is diversity. Generally, international organizations have the challenge of dealing with the different types of people, cultures, and beliefs, political and environmental aspects which they have to consider in their international business operations.

Many human resource professionals acknowledge that diversity management in human resource management is very important in enabling an organization to practise good human resource management in a specific country of its operations (Martí n-Alcá zar, Romero-Ferná ndez & Sanchez 7). Diversity management starts with selection and recruitment. As many job advertisements read “ we are an equal employer” , diversity management should ensure that that the human resource management practices in an organization uphold equality (Jabbour, Gordono, Caldeira de Oliveira, Martinez & Battistelle 56). Ideally, an organization should bear in mind that its human resource practices are a major determinant of its image in a market.

For instance, an organization which only employs people from one race, religion or ethnicity will find it hard making it in the market owing to the fact that its practices will elicit a negative perception of it from the public. On this point, it is also important that an organization aligns its human resource management strategies with the social, political and environmental practices in a specific country. For instance, an organization whose home country is in the United States where capitalism is upheld will have to integrate some aspects of socialism once it enters Russia, where socialism is upheld.

Generally, international human resource management should seek to find unity in diversity whereby, all its human resource management practices should be geared towards ensuring that the organization reaps maximum benefits from its workforce in addition to developing a good image in the market (Jabbour, Gordono, Caldeira de Oliveira, Martinez & Battistelle 56). Therefore, from the above argument, it can be seen that the management of diversity is a major challenge to IHRM.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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