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IntroductionIn this paper, we have attempted to describe the concept of organizational change and the related themes such as organization, strategy and competition. Some relevant models have also been discussed in the paper to support the major concept. Five forces model by Porter, Theory X and Theory Y have been linked with a view to create better understanding. Case study of Boeing Company is presented in the paper. Boeing is the leading aerospace company and the largest manufacturer of military and commercial jetliners. The company has been chosen due to its huge impact on U. S balance of trade and provider of employment to large number of people.

The study outlines the competition faced by Boeing and the quest to remain global leader in aerospace industry. For this purpose, a change in culture is necessary and people in the company should accept the change being occurred due to organizational change. Aims and ObjectivesThere are certain aims and objectives of the study as highlighted below: Develop the background by providing significant amount of information about the company selected which is ‘Boeing’. To present and investigate the theme of organizational change and the related concepts. To analyze the major Change program undergone recently in Boeing. To study the change in the company culture and strategies adopted to prepare people and organization in coping with change.

Background of BoeingBoeing is the leading aerospace company and the largest manufacturer of military aircraft and commercial jetliners. The company continues to expand its services and product line to meet innovative and emerging needs of customers. The broader spectrum of capabilities comprise creating new and efficient members of the commercial airplane group; incorporating military platforms, warfighter and defense system through particular network-centric operations; establishing advanced and modern technology solutions; and arranging up-to-date customer-financing solutions.

The major operations of Boeing are in Puget Sound area of Washington, St. Louis and southern California. (www. boeing. com/)The operations of company are organized into two units. Boeing Commercial Airplanes andBoeing Integrated Defense Systems. To support above-mentioned two unites there is a Boeing Capital Corporation which in fact is a worldwide provider of financial solutions and also the Shared Services Group a provider of broad spectrum of services for the company. Lastly there is a Boeing Engineering, operations and technology whose function is to support in developing, applying, protecting and acquiring innovative processes and technologies.

For more than four decades, Boeing has been the major manufacturer and producer of commercial jetliners. The main commercial products of Boeing are 737, 747, 767 and 777. (www. boeing. com/) The company has almost twelve thousand commercial jetliners directly in service worldwide which about seventy five percent of the world fleet. Boeing is also the second largest defense company of the world and the integrated Defense Systems of Boeing provide continuous services specifically for large-scale systems that sophistically combine communication networks with land-sea-space-and air-based platforms for worldwide government, commercial and military customers.

The company offers an exclusive and extraordinary range of space and defense system services and products. (www. boeing. com/)

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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