Essays on Perspective of Managing Change Held by Westpac and St George Bank during Their Merging Process Case Study

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Generally, the paper 'Perspective of Managing Change Held by Westpac and St George Bank during Their Merging Process" is a good example of a management case study. Organization change refers to organization transforming and adapting to new things in order to survive, minimize costs and maximize profits. Organizational change is necessitated by the need to satisfy new markets and consumers, to improve productivity, to increase efficiency in service and product delivery and to cut in funding (Schnurr, 2008). Among types of changes change in strategies, changes in technology, changes in organizational structures and behavior and attitude changes of employer and employees.

It is important to understand the type of change to use in order to bring stakeholders on board thus, reducing complications and problems associated with organizational change (Poole, 2000). Change may occur as planned or unplanned, change can be introduced in particular divisions of the organization or the whole organization in general or changes that may be introduced gradually or radically. Among areas in an organization that require exclusive transformation include changing the mission and vision statements, operations restructuring and technology implementation.

Moreover, change can be affected by merger implementation, implementation of new programs of production, distribution and service delivery and organizational restructuring (Schnurr, 2008). This report shall look at organizational change involving the merger process involving Westpac Banking Corporation and St. George Bank Ltd, stated as the biggest merger in the banking history of Australia and implications of future organization change based on my perspective on change management. The perspective of managing change held by Westpac and St. George bank during their merging process Westpac Banking Corporation, a financial institution offering financial and banking services and St.

George Bank Ltd, described as the largest fifth lender in Australia, merged in December 2008 (Bain, 2007).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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