Essays on Storytelling and Design Thinking Case Study

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The paper "Storytelling and Design Thinking" is a great example of a Business case study.   Boutique change consultancy is a consultancy that uses a design thinking approach in storytelling to introduce and manage change within organizations. There is an increased need to integrate storytelling and design thinking in managing change.   This report, therefore, investigates how design thinking and storytelling approaches can be applied for effective management of change. The report presents a design thinking approach that leads to the development of a story that successfully implements and manages change. Communication is a key process, hence critical questions designed to aid the development of a strategic communication plan.

The organization's survival will be determined by its capability to administer change and not necessarily its current financial status. The report will also discuss the main challenges and issues brought about by the hesitant simplification of the approach. We conclude by discussing the hypothesis of the value of Design Thinking and Storytelling as key factors for designing a change policy framework.   This creates a process where we bring in a discipline into the narrative procedure, hence doing away with guesswork.   The report argues, based on a concrete case, that design thinking and storytelling are valid and important approaches to address change processes. When the design problem is identified it easily delivers the meaning of a story in an impressive way.

A complex idea is simplified yet still loaded with meaning. Implementation of change in an organization results in tensions, the management should therefore ensure the all the employees within the organization are engaged in the process of change. The organizational change success is based on the acceptance and ownership of the change by the entire team of workers in the organization. Design thinking puts a strong emphasis on narratives that are easy to understand and include practical recommendations.

The report seeks to form recommendations to be implemented. More especially on how change is to be communicated effectively using design thinking and storytelling.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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