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IntroductionManagers are faced with an inconsistency when it comes to issues to change the culture of their organizations. It is vital for managers to change their organizations or they risk perish of their organization. On the other hand, managers are faced with a dilemma towards embracing change in that change may bring around some disruptive impact which may risk business from perishing. Organization changes efforts are geared towards the improvement of organization performance and people in the organization. Organization change is the wide changes that take place in an organization. They include change of mission, mergers, rightsizing, new technologies, restructuring operations, re-engineering, and introduction of new programs like Total Quality Management among others.

Organization change can as well be referred to as organizational transformation. Organizational change is a strategy that aims at achieving some overall goals. Pressure to changes usually comes from internal organizational pressures and external organizational pressures. There are several types of pressures that managers face towards enforcing change in their organizations. Pressure for change may come from several directions like the discovery of deviations, new desires and vision of the future, the environment and the fundamental nature of organizations themselves.

External pressures include hyper-competition, fashion, market decline, reputation and credibility, and geopolitical. Internal pressures for change in an organization include identity, power and political, growth, integration and collaboration, and new broom. Navigator is usually used as an image for managing pressure changes. Strategic change is in response to external and internal pressures. There is needed to take into account multiple pressures that managers face or encounter within an organization. Another image that assists in managing change is coach.

Kotter, (1996, p. 45) argues that it is significant to shape and develop organization’s capabilities in such a way that it will be capable of enhancing the outcomes of the organization. Nurturer is also another image that requires to be taken into account when dealing with organization change. Managers should be capable of enhancing adaptive ways of managing and nurturing the changes arising within an organization. Managers should stabilize that which is unstable and destabilize that which is rigid; anticipate the future as well as adapting to the present. Pressure and changes in various organizationsHerbold (2002, p.

233) maintains that environmental pressures are the main factors behind explanation of how change takes place and occurs within an organization. Reduced demand and sale for goods leads to some significant aspects of change within the organizations. Market share decrease and bad decisions on investment also results for change demands. Internal pressure like growth pressures occur when existing processes and systems in an organization are no longer applicable as the size of the organization increases. Therefore, this imposes a lot of pressure in the organization like in case of Microsoft organization.

The growth and development of the organization usually results to some changes being required in order for the organization to be able to adjust with the growth and developments. A company like Microsoft had to undergo through some notable changes as the demand and growth of its operation aspects increased. Robert Herbold joined Microsoft from Procter & Gamble. Robert noted lack of discipline in terms of making decisions and setting out priorities in Microsoft Company. Robert laid out changes in establishing decision making process that was formalized as well as other protocols so as to balance entrepreneurial creativity while installing discipline in Microsoft regarding its size and operation scale.

Those changes were as a result of company growth outcome and they were implemented in order to handle complexity in business operations while bringing rigor of running business operations. Most small organizations find their systems and processes becoming inapplicable with increasing expansion hence demanding for several overall organizational changes. Increased growth and expansion of the organization calls for change in its goals and objectives hence the overall change of the organization processes.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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