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Change ManagementAbstract: Management has always been a key of ensuring that a company is able to adapt to the various changes that are occurring in the market economy. In the following paper there shall be a detailed discussion conducted on the requirement of change management by organizations. Along with the discussion will also identify the significance and importance of change management. Following this discussion the various steps that are taken by managers at the time of change management implementation will be identified and this will be supported by the various management theories that have been developed over the years.

The purpose of the paper is to ensure that a well developed understanding of change management is developed and established. Introduction:  Management is an important functioning for all companies in the world today. There has been realized that the functioning of the various organizations can only be realized through efficient and economic management of all the various variables of the production process. In the following paper there shall be conducted a detailed discussion on the rational organizational theories that have been adopted by various management departments to ensure that the production process is more smooth and proficient in nature.

Management is defined as the process of administering and coordinating resources effectively and efficiently in an effort to achieve the goals of the organization. Managers plan, lead, organize and control. Managing in the 21st century can pose many challenges. The following paper will explore the various areas where change management is a component of managerial practices and ensure that there is carried out a clear mapping of the change management program as adopted by an organization.

The discussion will be carried out in a structured and systematic manner to ensure the development of the discussion in a holistic manner, which is easy to comprehend. Need for change management: A decade ago the term strategic discourse was strongly supported by all individual companies and organization. It was believed that with the correct management of resources and through a precise study of the market forces the production process could not go wrong. But with time, due to the emergence of multifaceted complexities in the market system there has been seen that it is no longer enough for most companies to just manage their resources in a most utilitarian manner.

As has been specified by Mintzberg in his book ‘The Rise and fall of Strategic Management’, two decades ago most companies and organizations firmly believed that ‘planning could not go wrong’. This has not completely disappeared but there have emerged other concerns that it has to accommodate such as competition, forecasting and others. But as has been clearly specified by Karger and Malik, “The top management of any profit seeking organization is delinquent or grossly negligent if they do not engage in formal, integrated, long range planning. ” There is thus today felt to ensure that the management of the resources are conducted in such a manner that they are channelized towards marketing of the products, which is usually done through marketing of the products and creation of strong communication channels where the companies aim at capturing and retaining the interest of the consumers.

The management thus has to change and alter itself to ensure that the company is able to accommodate the changes that occur in the market economy and in the demands of the customer.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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