Essays on Importance of Organisation Policy in the Implementation of Strategic Evaluation Tool Literature review

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The paper “ Importance of   Organisation Policy in the Implementation of Strategic Evaluation Tool” is a fascinating variant of the literature review on management. The outcome of the primary research was presented in chapter four. However, this outcome has not been discussed in detail. This is the objective of chapter five. And it will guarantee the reliability of the structure of the topic covered. Chapter 5, therefore, will discuss the findings of chapter four, to depict a chronological order of the discussion, the following figure portrays a diagrammatic depiction of the chronology of the discussion with regards to the five themes and their sub-themes. 5.1 Organisation policyOrganization policy and sub-themes remove the diagramIt is evident from data analysis that the research question on organization policy tries to identify the organization policy that is deemed important in supporting the adaptation of the strategic evaluation tool.

It was apparent that organization policy is important in the implementation of strategic evaluation tool within the MOI, The organization policy helps in determining how the use of strategic evaluation tool depict an effect on how the MOI meets its strategic goals.

The insinuation is that the ministry needs an organization policy, which will be supportive in ensuring that strategy evaluation used is pertinent to sufficient framework and tools to guarantee their adoption and implementation in a recommended manner. The need for improved organization policy is also supported by the response from participants 1 and 4.“ Senior leadership Officers, Higher committees, and His Highness are all very good leaders in showing their commitment to the strategy. Clear leadership Commitment. -Performance and development Department with MOI delivers strategic planning process in support of senior leadership Aims and Strategic Objectives. -Local Emirate GHQ’ s and MOI functional directorates deliver strategy implementation and performance management, at local emirate and departmental level (1), (4)” .

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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