Essays on Arbitral Decision-Making Case Study

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The paper "Arbitral Decision-Making" is a perfect example of a case study on human resources. The case scenario involves an arbitral matter falling in the domain of labor arbitration. It is in doubt whether an employee who has declined to work for an extra 6 hours has acted within the confines of the contract governing the employment relationship and whether the 6 hours constitutes a change in the work schedule requiring that the employer and the union to mutually consent. In addition, the employee has already been suspended for a single day signifying another punishment.

The grievance is the suspension while the company would like to legally hold staff to work for 6 hours whenever necessary. To decide the case, I consider relevant factors to arrive at a fair decision. One such factor is whether the additional 6 hours constituted a change in the work schedule. This can easily be proved or disproved using past practice or custom as well as the construction of the employment contract. If it is confirmed, the employee would have breached the agreement and be liable. By receiving a one-day suspension, it is clear that the employer had already punished by the employer without first establishing if the employee had violated terms of the agreement between the union and the company.

On this ground, I would rule in favor of the employee because the employer made a unilateral decision without following the correct procedure. From the onset, 6 additional hours of work are substantial enough to constitute work schedule change and the employee was right to decline the requirement. The mentioned reasons dictate that the employer’ s violated the right of the employee and therefore on the wrong.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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