Essays on People's History of US by Howard Zinn Book Report/Review

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The paper "People's History of US by Howard Zinn" is a good example of a book review on history. Slavery and slave trade was a prevalent behavior and prospectus business where the minority races were the means of these trades as well as a means of exchange. The most races that suffered the slave trade were African-Americans under the tyranny of the colonial powers. In this regard, Howard Zinn speaks out on the plights suffered by these slave victims and the challenges they accrued (George & Zinn 12).   Chapter 9 of Howard Zinn’ s book addresses the topic regarding slavery without submission as well as emancipation without freedom.

In this context, the author clearly articulates the address of issues regarding slave rebellions, abolition movements, Civil wars, as well as the effects of the unfolding events on African Americans. In addition, the author also includes important notes that explain large scale violence in the country resulted in the end of slavery and the slave trade (Zinn 89). In contrast, the small scale violence as a result of rebellious movements against the capitalists because these small-scale wars expanded and went beyond anti-slavery.

Zinn observed that these wars limited the level of freedom granted to the African-Americas by allowing the local government settings to control how the African-Americans received freedom as well as the amount (Howard & Arnove 100). In conclusion, Zinn pronounced the following issues as the main plights suffered by African Americans. They include racism, lack of education, and denial of citizenship in democratic states, discrimination, and poverty as well as ignorance. Although this changed over the years, it is still possible to observe some of these plights in this current society (Howard 180).  

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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