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The paper “ Charity Event at High Wycombe" is an exciting variant of case study on marketing. Charity events are a crucial branch of our community as they give us the chance to give back to our own community. A charity event raises funds for self-maintenance, reach out for more people, and carry out future plans but not to make profits for the shareholders and stakeholders. The costs of services offered by a charity event are not in any way passed down to the benefactor. The services are made possible through the support of individual sponsors and corporate support (Andreasen & Kotler, 2003).

A charity event may hire trained personnel or may just use unpaid volunteers who may work even for no compensation. Charity events have been encouraged to hire trained executives so that they can achieve and better their outlined objectives. They have been encouraged to do so in order to ensure that they have an enhanced internal management control system, ensuring accountability and responsibility, improving and monitoring the performance of all divisions so as to maximize the benefits from the human resources and the funds (Bloom & Gundlach, 2001).

The charity event discussed below dealt with breast cancer among women. Event LocationThe event was carried out at the High Wycombe area in Buckinghamshire. This is a convenient area because the population is high, while it has a long history. Donations obtainedBefore the event proceeded, donations and volunteers were come together to ensure the event could be successful. Many stakeholders within health, non-profit organizations, and other sectors came together to ensure the entire process was successful. More than 200 volunteers were present of which 50 were specialized in fields that are associated with cancer that may include nutrition, therapy, and pharmacists.

The amount of money raised was £ 50,000 while the nonmonetary components that were received included medicine, screening equipment, and capacity of the volunteers. Business objectivesSome of the objectives of the event included: Educate women Visiting hospitals for the sick Screening. Women needed to be educated about breast cancer to ensure that they can help fight against the deaths caused by this disease. The sick were visited in the hospitals and homes, and they were helped and encouraged through their treatment.

Free screening services to the women who had not been diagnosed were offered at different stations that had been set up. This was to help in the early detection with the hope that they will recover if detected with the disease. These objectives strike a balance between the limited knowledge of volunteers in breast cancer management and the satisfaction of the benefactors. They maximize the efforts of the volunteers and the workers while creating awareness and making an impact on the patients by adding value to their lives.

The major limit to the services provided by the charity event is the limit of the knowledge volunteer because the hiring of qualified and trained personnel is rather very expensive and strenuous to the budget of the event (Mayo Clinic Staff, 2010). The women who are vulnerable to this disease also benefit by getting an education that is valuable enables them to help those who are endangered. Through education, visiting the sick and screening, the event is able to lay a very strong foundation to attract financiers and well wishers who will support this initiative.

They will help in the continuation and expansion of the program because they see the value and impact on the society of the money that they voluntarily donate (Helmut, 2005).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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