Essays on Hiring and Firing: Human Resource Strategy Assignment

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The paper "Hiring and Firing: Human Resource Strategy" is a perfect example of an assignment on human resources. 4 aThe following job matrix indicates the requirement for sales associates. The matrix is intended to reveal the needs of the firm with regard to the skills it needs so that the firm can decide if it needs to hire from outside or inside. 4 b Ability to communicate well This is very important in that the person is dealing with people of all types and personalities.   As Gibson (2014) says, it is hard to make sales without being able to communicate well.

Sales include explaining to the customer how the products works and, therefore, communication is paramount. At the same time, it requires the ability of the person to understand the customers’ concerns. As a result, since this competency has a KSAO point of 9.6, it must be considered with regard to how this position will be filled. Interpersonal and people skills This is also another point that must be considered in a very serious way in order to make sure that the position has people with the right abilities.

A sales job requires interpersonal skills especially with regard to the fact that the modern-day salesman’ s job is to create strong lasting relationships between the customers and the firm. 4 c Interpersonal and people skills This is very important to the other KSAOs because for instance, without good commutation skills the salesperson is not able to relate well with the customers. At the same time, without interpersonal and people skills, the person filling this position may not be able to communicate in the case will with the customers. 5b According to the job transition analysis, it is very clear that the internal job market will not be able to feed some of the positions that were made available by the job requirements matrix.

In this regard, the jobs must be filled from outside so that the firm can get the people who fit the requirements. As Willaim (2012) says, hiring from outside is a very viable option for firms if it wants to have the best talent.   By hiring from outside, it is the firm that will have a wider range of people this making it possible to have a way to fill the gap properly.

  5c Based on the job requirement, the firm will require at least 9 new salesmen in order to fill its positions. This is necessitated by the fact that the firms do not have a lot of international candidates who can fill the positions. The reason for this is because the requirements revealed by the requirement matrix were such that the internal candidates are not equipped to handle the position. 5d To be able to get the candidates for this position, it will be necessary to interview at least fifty candidates.

This will give the firm a wide spectrum and array of the skilled candidate from which to choose those who are qualified for the job (McDonnel, 2011). This will involve looking at the many applicants and determining from their resumes if they fit the requirement or not.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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