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02, 08, 2010IntroductionThe assignment is a case scenario of the social issues experienced in a family, the major issue facing the Patrick family is that of child care. The Patrick’s family is made up of two children, Scott and Hayley who are 10 and 8 yrs old respectively. The family’s primary guardian is the mother of the two children, Karen who is married to Bruce and together they take care of the family. Hayley was diagnosed with Autism when she was young and taking care of her has been challenging for the family.

Taking care of autistic children requires a lot of attention yet Hayley’s mom works many hours at her job and rarely finds enough time for Hayley. According to Simpson (2005), Hayley condition makes her not to interact with other kids in school and taking care of her and Scott is difficult for Karen. Health and Social IssuesThe Patrick’s family faces a lot of issues such as child care, finances and marital issues. Karen, Hayley’s mother of was once divorced and is now married to a younger man, Bruce; he wants Karen to consider having a child of theirs but Karen is not willing to do so due to the fear of giving birth to another child with autism.

Childcare problems faced by the Patrick’s is mainly caused by the care that should be given to Hayley, this issue has become the major concern for Karen and Bruce. Autism is a condition which affects a small number of people and it is normally diagnosed at the young ages of less than 4yrs old. According to Chez (2008), autistic children suffer from social development and they rarely interact with other people easily while forming an attachment to their main caregivers; thus in the case of Hayley she is incredibly attached to her mother. Hayley’s condition is affecting Karen in that she is normally tired from taking care of Hayley and it affects her working hours causing stress and worry for her.

As a result, Karen is not ready to give birth to another child on request from Bruce. Bruce although being attached to Scott, his attempts to improve relations with Hayley have been unsuccessful; while his wish for a child has not been honored causing strain to their marriage with Karen (Le Blanc, 2007). Autistic children require special care in order for them to develop socially and this has to be given in special schools which is costly for the Patrick’s family.

Autism in children affects their communication in that they take time in responding and initiating conversations (Zager, 2005). Hayley’s development into adolescence will be affected by the lack of friends since due to the difficulty in making and keeping friends. Autistic children usually face independence problems later in life and all the attention focused on Hayley will make Karen pay less attention to Scott; this isolation may make Scott suffer social issues as an adolescent leading to problems in the family.

Family StrengthsThe Patrick’s family acquires strength from the love and understanding amongst each family member that makes their bond stronger. These strengths coupled with commitment have proved to be strength pillars which assist the Patrick’s family to overcome their problems. Hayley’s condition requires love and sacrifice in taking care of situation; in this case her mother and Bruce have shown willingness to care for her.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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