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Child labor in Pakistan: Critique The presenter re d the research question in the phrase “Child labor in Pakistan, Effects and Causes” (slide 1) This implies that the presentation will look into how and why this phenomenon arises, and what the impact is on children and the wider society of Pakistan. [2] In my view the part of the research question on causes was clearly answered with the responses “poverty, lack of facilities for education and low government spending on education. ” However, the other part of the question, regarding the effects of child labor, was not fully answered.

The presenter seemed to be more interested in what is being done to stop child poverty, than in explaining what its effects actually were. [3] The presentation states the research question, which is to examine the effects and causes of child labor in Pakistan, and then defines what child labor means. Some facts and figures relating to the extent of the phenomenon are given, and the causes are listed. Agriculture is named as the area where it is most likely to occur, and a number of government responses are named, including specific legislation in Pakistan.

There is a final thankyou slide and there are images of children in the presentation to illustrate the problem. [4] There could have been a lot more information about how exactly child labor affects the children in their health and in their future prospects. It would have been good to see an example, or case study of one child, to make these factors obvious. Some of the economic pressures on families could also have been explained, because this must be a reason why so many children are required to work. [5] The presenter did have a good understanding of the topic, but it could have been demonstrated in more depth and with more examples. [6] It was difficult to judge how good the coverage of literature was, because the presenter did not name the sources for some of the statements in the slides.

It was good that the legislation was named, with the exact title and date. An extra slide with some bibliography on it would have been a good idea. [7] The presentation was well designed, with good typing and nice illustrations.

There was some humor at the end, with the little boy asking for questions to come quickly, and these factors made the presentation interesting. All of the facts mentioned were relevant to the topic, and so the presentation was useful. Overall my impression was that the presentation was good, but it needed a few more hard facts to support the argument more strongly. [8] The conclusions were appropriate because they followed logically from the evidence that was shown in the slides.

This is especially true for the part of the question about causes of child labor. One problem was that there was no firm conclusion on the part of the research question about the effects of child labor. This means that overall the conclusions were good, but incomplete. References

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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