Essays on China's Emerging Company Product Exported to Denmark Case Study

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The paper "China's Emerging Company Product Exported to Denmark" is a great example of a marketing case study. China and Denmark have had a history of trade exchanges over the years. In the 1990s, Denmark established diplomatic ties with China (Dsgaard and Kirkebæ k, 2001). Over the years, this relationship has matured and has led to China importing and exporting products and services from Denmark. In 2014, the trade between China and Denmark exceeded $10 billion. This has made China Denmark’ s largest and successful trading partner in the Asian community.

Due to this, Denmark is a suitable market for China’ s products. To be specific, an emerging company product exported to Denmark by China is electronic equipment (Dsgaard and Kirkebæ k, 2001). The demand for electronic equipment and telecommunication gears in Denmark is huge thus making the country a potential market for electronic products. This essay will analyse Denmark as a potential market for electronic products from China. It will also detail out the favourable entry mode by China to Denmark and will establish the target market segments for electronic products from electronic companies such as ZTE found in China.

The company will evaluate the marketing mix used by ZTE. Market analysis Political-legal issues Generally, the level of corruption in Denmark is low as surveyed by the Transparency International Corruption Perceptions Index (Fund, 2007). Also, the country has strongly reinforced the protections for property rights. Denmark has an independent judicial system that governs the economy in a fair manner and the intellectual property rights are consistent with the world’ s standards (Fund, 2007). In addition, Denmark is an associate of the European Union. Together with the UK, the country opted-out of the Maastricht Treaty, therefore, they haven’ t implemented the euro.

The election conducted in June 2015 resulted in the creation of a minority government. This group aims at carrying out a continued debate on the issues regarding immigration. Additionally, Denmark is considered and classified to be number 4 out of 189 by the World Bank. This is in terms of the 2015 Ease of Doing Business Index and is the highest in the region of Western Europe (Fund, 2007). Economic-financial issues Denmark’ s economy is ranked as the 11th freest economy as per the 2015 Index with well-balanced economic growth as shown in the diagram below. Figure 1.

graph showing the economic growth of Denmark (Dsgaard and Kirkebæ k, 2001)   It has overall economic freedom of about 76.3. It also has points of about 0.2 as compared to the previous year having improved amongst the 6 out of 10 economic freedoms. This is inclusive of their monetary freedom as well as their property rights (Fund, 2007). While Denmark’ s economic freedom has been successful in the past. Since the last 10 years, Denmark’ s economic freedom has deteriorated by about 2.3 scores.

This decline has resulted from issues such as corruption, financial freedom as well as poor government spending. Currently, there’ s a bit of pressure on the government finances which has come as a result of negative rates in terms of growth. Otherwise, the economic freedom of Denmark remains to grow since the country is among the most stable within Europe (Dsgaard and Kirkebæ k, 2001). Its economy indicates well-established laws as well as property rights. In addition, Denmark has a mature economy that can accommodate both global trade and investment.


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