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The paper "Chinese Personal Care Brand Herborist Entry into Russia Market" is a wonderful example of an essay on business. Care Brand Herborist Entry into Russia Market Russia is among the most developed countries in the contemporary environment. The country is rated among the great 8 countries that have the top growing economies in the 21st century. Market entry is one of the most important aspects to consider with regard to sales and the marketing of commodities. China has a reputation for the production of commodities vital to the livelihood of people in different areas.

Entering the Russian market is bound to benefit Herborist, which is a Chinese brand from the fact that Russia has very welcoming people that do not discriminate against international commodities. Going through the various factors determining the success of market entry by Herborist is vital in understanding the general growth of the commodity in the new market. The country has had numerous strides in terms of international relations thus; it is a suitable target for the marketing of Herborist. In the successful marketing of any product, it is important to analyze various aspects of the particular market.

Analyzing Russia’ s market is imperative and the manner through which this is done is by looking at the P. E.S. T situation of the country alongside the seven P’ s of marketing. The political environment is reputable for the marketing of the product. This is from the fact that with democracy, Russia’ s government does not inhibit the citizens from purchasing products at will. Moreover, democracy also allows China, the producer of the commodity, to venture into the Russian market easily and consequently have increased sales of Herborist (Fleisher, 2008, 169).

The verity that the country has a well-laid-out judicial system is also important for the marketing of Herborist. This is from the fact that there is control over the decisions that powerful politicians make. An example is a politician who may talk ill of the commodity and tell people not to purchase it. Such cases are few - the concept of freedom and independence is incorporated in the Russian market. One factor that may come as a disadvantage in the marketing of Herborist is with regard to the tax tariffs that the country has.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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