Essays on Internet Marketing Opportunities Available on Google Plus Case Study

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The paper “ Internet Marketing Opportunities Available on Google Plus" is a  spectacular example of a case study on marketing.   Google Plus is a social network operated by Google that was launched in June 2011. This interactive online communication feature exhibits integration across a number of Google products including Profile and Buzz. A key element of Google Plus is its strong focus on targeted sharing within subsets of a user’ s social group. These social groups are called Circles and represent small groups of people that Google Plus users can share with such as family members, workmates, and colleagues. In addition, Google Plus has a specific section for viewing, editing and managing multimedia.

For instance, a photo tap on the Google Plus user interface takes a user to all the photos they have shared and the ones they have been tagged in. Google Plus also includes privacy options and sharing features. This way, Google Plus offers opportunities for online marketing as companies can capitalize on the multimedia capability to market products. Another unique feature of Google Plus that is widely used is Hangouts.

This feature enables group chatting and communication in a video chat room. Among the early adopters of Google Plus as a means of online marketing were social media sites as well as various SEOs. What is more intriguing is how aggressive mainstream media have become to respond to this technology. For instance, journalists have found it easy to use the Hangout feature on Google Plus to test audience engagement to get a measurement of the value of their channels. The scalable integration of Google Plus with other features of Google allows for many and unlimited ways to expand the user base.

Although Google Plus still has to resolve the issue of having multiple accounts for various services, the service still poses questions to brand marketers on what it means as a new tool for online marketing. Currently, a small percentage of customers from each Google product is converted but the total sum of these customers might be big enough to pose sizeable competition to established social sites such as Facebook and Twitter in the next few years. This thought is validated by the fact that an adoption rate of 10 million was recorded within the first two weeks of its launch. Internet Marketing Opportunities Available on Google PlusGoogle Plus has emerged as a service for online users who are searching for different materials, information, and products available.

The most important feature with Google Plus is that it enables users to find results that have been recommended by specialists and experts. With Google Plus, online marketers can use the ‘ Plus’ service to remain online or active all the time. This way, a vast number of online marketers can chat with their potential customers and see the activities of other people.

Essentially, Google Plus is useful and effective for people who are doing online businesses and have their own websites. Using the Google Plus feature through one’ s own website enables one to remain in close contact with other online dealers and customers. Since constant communication is the most important tool for increasing web traffic and the frequency of online activities, the Google Plus service can be used to increase traffic in online marketer’ s corporate websites.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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