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The paper 'Internal and External Environment of Apple' is a wonderful example of a Management Article. Corporate governance can be described as the processes, mechanisms, and relations through which corporations are directed and controlled. The journal article “ A Critical Analysis of internal and external Environment of Apple Inc. ” by Usman A. Khan, Mohammed N. Alam, and Shabbat Alam concentrates on the crucial analysis of the company’ s corporate governance and corporate social responsibilities. The article discusses and draws a conclusion for the management, control, and directing techniques in the business institution. Using a variety of tools for evaluation of both the internal and external environment the article draws a conclusion on the company’ s management techniques, control, and business strategies. The article illustrates a serious argument for large enterprises, business corporations, and rich business people evading tax in the recent past.

It also explains that some of the giant tech companies have also been on the watch by tax authorities (Apple Inc, 2012). According to the author, Apple is one of the corporations accused of business multi-practices such as tax evasion. Issues relating to corporate governance include executive remuneration practices, transparency and disclosure, shareholder rights and committee composition, board directors and the quality of the managers, corporate social responsibility, auditing, risk management, and internal control (Apple Inc, 2012).

These issues are discussed in the journal article relating to the giant tech company, Apple. Other issues raised in the reports include the confusion about its structural organization, the transparency, and disclosure of its operations such as gross and net incomes and the amount of tax they pay to the governments. The findings of the article show that the board of directors can access Apple’ s officers and employees at any time.

The report also shows that the board of trustees arranges for meetings with the employees whereby the CEO is the chief initiator (Khan, Alam and Alam 2015). According to the article, Apple’ s corporate governance policy assures each director compensation, which is determined by the board in reviewing the nominating and corporate governance recommendation about the director. The Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee carry out an analysis of the compensation of the director every year.

In the year 2012, Gore Ex-Apples was accused of excessively compensating its executives and influencing the signing of the contract of a hydrogen power plant Apple Inc, (2012). Apple’ s shareholders also accused the green goal of Apple as the shareholders were in conflict with long-term goals set by the company. As a result, to respond to the issues the company tightened the corporate governance policies on executive remuneration and compensation of employees. The findings of the article also delineate how the Board of Directors carries out an annual evaluation of the Committee so as to determine the effectiveness and functionality of the committees.

The Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee are given the responsibility to coordinate and oversee the evaluation process for the board on an annual basis. On assessment activities, the article shows that every year an evaluation of the performance of the directors including the CEO is carried out to ensure that there are effective leadership and control of the company’ s activities. The corporate governance policy outlines the codes of conduct and ethical behavior that every director is expected to possess (Apple Inc, 2012).

The board of directors hopes that the directors, officers, and the employees as well, act ethically to the best of their knowledge at all times and adhere to Apple’ s code of conduct. As a result, no waiver in the company’ s ethical policy is permitted.


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