Essays on Planning, Organizing and Initiating Actions in Management Coursework

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The paper "Planning, Organizing and Initiating Actions in Management" is a great example of management coursework.   Management involves coordinating an individual’ s effort in an organization or business to fulfill the objectives, as well as the goals, by maximizing available resources through being effective and efficient. Management involves planning, organizing and initiating actions to be performed by the employees. There are fundamental strategic management concepts that can be employed to ensure success in the business (Reisterer, 2015). Success in management includes being focused on what is being done by creating objectives that are to be achieved.

The following case studies will reveal fundamental concepts that can be applied to management that have been a success or failure and lessons that can be learned. Strategic management In strategic management, the company will aim to outdo a fellow organization and maximize profit and which specific areas to choose. In case 1 the evolving strategy of Facebook there key concepts that have been identified. Facebook began as a social networking site that allowed people to share information with a large group of people, but that changed due to the growth it experienced.

Facebook allows people to generate their content and circulate it unlike traditional media television and print (Miller, 2014). Facebook entered the business of advertising in 2009. The aim was to make a profit as banner advertisements run on their website. This allowed their users who had grown to connect in an unobtrusive way. This strategy reaped fruits and also they targeted a large market share in other countries as their mission was to make the world more connected. Key strategy by Facebook was aimed at its aspirations for the future and what it would be and offer competition.

The available information has been used efficiently by management to make critical decisions about the organization and its clients as well as improving performance levels. Facebook has popularized online network social sites and has seen tremendous growth in over 900 million users and now capitalizes on data to make profits and is a public company (Miller, 2014). Facebook has encouraged personalized marketing strategies through the use of Facebook pages. This has enabled conversations by consumers and ensured participation through awareness creation.

The progress of Facebook has seen it add Instagram among its applications for sharing photos. Facebook information has been used strategically by organizations to target specific markets to advertise and do promotional activities as well as monitoring the competition and behavior among them. The available information has been crucial to Facebook maximizing profits with its different usage. Facebook has over 70 languages in different countries to curb the market niche in each of those countries and ensure growth and expansion. Case study 2 is the analysis of the Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services (Qantas).

Qantas was established in 1920 and grew as a transport carrier due to its establishment both locally and internationally. Qantas recorded maximum profits until 2008 when they elected Alan Joyce as the CEO. With the incumbent CEO, Qantas recorded losses in its profit followed by other challenges that included spiked oil, worsening employee relations and natural disasters (Evans, 2014). The rising cost of fuel did no good to quanta’ s and the competition offered by other airlines. The strained relationship between Qantas and its employees caused punctuality issues and loss of faith by customers in the airlines.


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