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The paper "Advertising And Marketing Management" Is a perfect example of a Marketing Assignment. This assessment takes a look at Thomson’ s GBP 5.5 million advertising campaign. Thomson Airways is the largest charter airline in the world with destinations ranging from Asia, North America, Europe, Ireland, and the United Kingdom. A rebrand from the former First Choice and Thomsonfly Airways began official operations in 2008. Thomson decided to engage in a GBP 5.5 million advertisement campaign in anticipation of the peak season that is the Christmas sales period. Basically, a marketing campaign is a design meant to improve awareness of a brand, to enhance business and bring in more customers into a company’ s business. The campaign used here focuses on the advertisement of Thomson brand, the enormous reaps anticipated to be gained from this intensive marketing campaign that seeks to promote Thomson’ s flights and its Dreamliner airlines.

Moreover, the campaign further seeks to convey to its clients the intriguing benefits of the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner and the tremendous impact it will have on all future travels. It particularly wants to cut an edge being the first Airline in the UK to introduce the Dreamliner in its aircraft.

Ultimately, the campaign does seek to inspire a tourist’ s imagination of an unforgettable holiday travel experience with enough reasons why Thomson Airline is the tour operator of choice. This campaign capitalizes on the promotional mix and specifically takes a keen interest in methods of advertising this company and its captivating products not only to the residents in the United Kingdom but also the world over. It is important to note that the Thomson Airline scooped the award of the best leisure airline in the world in 2010 and 2011 consecutively.

This is no mean fete for an Airline and our major focus in this campaign is to ensure that these high standards are not only maintained but also improved. This campaign embarks on a variety of mediums to reach out to the larger market. It encompasses mass-market advertising formats. Mass-market advertising is a marketing strategy that seeks to promote a product over an overwhelmingly large geographical area. This strategy is very popular albeit expensive (Lamb 2009 p. 22). AN EVALUATION OF MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS Marketing communications refers to media and messages in place that is used as a medium of communication with the market.

In marketing, prudent selection of the best media outlet through which an advertisement is to be presented is a key success factor in the promotion (Lamb 2012 p. 71). Traditionally, market communication primarily involved the use of printed marketing formats. However, with technological advances, there has been a shift to other means of communication to the market. IN this case, the analysis of communication to the Thomson’ s market is via advertising.

As it is evident, Thomson has in its disposal several media that it can engage in for the effective promotion of its product with the objective of attracting new customers, retaining existing customers and ultimately increasing sales. These media can be classified under: Print Media. Magazines and newspapers are predominantly traditional print media. It is beyond doubt that a majority of tourists are avid readers of magazines and also newspapers. Consequently, utilizing this media ultimately captures a substantial number of potential travelers. Moreover, placing the ads in strategic locations in magazines as well as newspapers played a great role in enhancing the attention of potential clients Berman et al.

2007 p. 46). In addition to this, they are quite cheap and thus affordable. Moreover, the use of catalogs and brochures to spread the word about Thomson’ s products, prices, and contact information are also a crucial component of the print media. The use of print media should be done extensively to further increase the chances of catching the attention of potential clients.



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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