Essays on Business Model Used by the US Airways Company Case Study

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The paper "Business Model Used by the US Airways Company" is a good example of a business case study.   This essay involves choosing one airline organization. There are three most important tasks. The first one is the critical assessment of how e-business technologies have altered the nature of competition within this industry. The second one is the critical assessment of opportunities and threats that are posed by the internet to the company. The third is the critical assessment of how the organization has employed e-business technologies to perform its key business processes as well as improve service levels for all of its customers. E-business technologies E-business is also referred to as an internet business.

It compounds the application of information as well as communication technologies. This is in support of all business activities. E-business focuses majorly on the usage of information and technology in order to enable all external relationships and activities of the business with other businesses, groups, and individuals. E-business refers to high focus with more emphasis on all functions that occur with the use of electronic capabilities. It involves all business processes that span an entire value chain, supply chain management, and electronic purchasing.

This is where there are technical standards that facilitate data exchange between several companies. E-business software solutions, on the other hand, allow for the interaction of inter and intra business processes (Stewart, 2011). All e-businesses can be conducted by the use of the internet, the web, extranets, intranets, or a combination of all these. When this organization went online it made decisions on the e-business models that best suit their goals. A business model refers to the organization of a certain product, information flows, and services.

It also involves the source of benefits and revenues for both customers and suppliers. The concept of an e-business model is the same the only difference is the usage in its presence online. Online shopping The first one is online shopping. It is also referred to as online retailing. It is an electronic commerce form that allows travelers and tourists to directly purchase either goods or services from sellers over the internet without any intermediary service. Online shops show a form of e-business taking place.

There is the availability of various e-commodities. These include e-store, e-shop, web-shop, online store, virtual store, or internet shop. This process is referred to as business to consumer online shopping. Whenever a business buys from any other business it is often referred to as business to business online shopping. Any large online retailing corporation includes Amazon. com and E-bay. These two are based majorly in the USA (Lopperi, 2011). USA airways Literature The US Airways Board of Directors always believes in the sense of good corporate citizenship. This is in the best interest of the organization since it has helped in ensuring the airline’ s viability over a long period of time.

Through community relations activities, there are various contributions to the social and economic well being of various stakeholders. These include shareholders, employees, passengers as well as communities in which the airline operates (Stewart, 2011). The business model used by US Airways Company A business model is a method of doing business in a manner that ensures that the company sustains itself. This is, in other words, the generation of revenue. Any business models spell out the ways in which the company can sustain itself, make money as well as develop financially.

The main applicable model is the advertising model (Lord, 2012). This web advertising model is a high extension of the traditional media broadcasting model. In this case, US Airways opened a website that assists in the provision of content that people can search for. There are available services like blogs, IM, and email. All these mixed together with advertising messages can be put in banner ads. Advertising models can work best mainly where volumes of viewer traffic are large or specialized highly.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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