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The paper "Digital Marketing of Avon Company " is an outstanding example of a marketing case study.   Digital marketing or online marketing is its best bet on this. Marketing is the essence of any business activity, and any efforts to improve it should highly be upheld to better and enhance an enterprise (Burke, 2008). It is of significance to ensure proper and efficient marketing strategies are put in place to a better enterprise. The key objective of any business is to make a profit. Profits are made when the cost of sales exceeds the purchases in any business enterprise.

To increase the corporate profit margins and markups, the sales of goods must exceed the products on the acquisition. Effective selling entirely depends on adequate and proper marketing strategies. Excellent marketing skills mean a boost in sales hence, a shoot in the profit made. (Rheinboldt & Waesche, 2010). That is the essence of any business. Marketing as the backbone of any operational requirements to be consumer-oriented (Ginty et al. , 2012). The final household must get satisfied with the product in question.

This essay will, therefore, discuss the launching of the product and digital marketing as an essential method of marketing the product. Avon Company is a leading contender in the cosmetics industry. The company has recently created a new product that needs to be launched and marketed. Product launching requires proper planning and research from a marketing team that is both skilled and knowledgeable (Ozuem, 2004). Launching this hair shampoo product important as it needs to fulfill the consumer demands connect with the consumer emotionally through the brand, which is Avon Company.

Through proper research and strategic planning, Avon Company will be able to effectively launch and market the new haircare shampoo. A good product launch strategy creates an opportunity for success with the company’ s new product. Product launching is essential for the growth of a business through the introduction of a new product or service into specific market environments (Walker, 2014). Ozuem (2004) provides the stages that would be used in launching the product as internal and external testing, setting the goals and objectives of the launch, product positioning, and event timing. Several strategies can be used by the Avon Company to market its new hair care shampoo. One of the main product launching strategies the company can use is the exploitation of the friend-to-friend network (Walker, 2014).

Many consumers have been known to trust the word of mouth from their fellow consumers. When friends recommend a product, it leads to the other friend purchasing the product. When a trusted friend introduces a new product to a consumer, there is significance in that it leads to a reduction in the period between the steps of creating awareness about the product, trial period, and adoption of the product.

Beauty being an important aspect especially to the female gender can lead to using the friend-to-friend network launching strategy effectively. The company through providing influencer models with the necessary tools to share information with their peers can take advantage of this strategy (Taylor, 2007). When other consumers see that celebrity models are using the hair new hair shampoo then they would also purchase and use it.


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