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The paper "Managerial Decisions" is a good example of a Management assignment. Making managerial decisions on employee layoffs is one of the hardest decisions in an organization. The ministry of education where I was employed was going through lean times recently and had to retrench some staff to rein in costs. This report analyzes how the decision to lay off staff was reached, how it was made, and its consequences on the staff.   The second part discusses how the decision could have been better optimized using the rational decision-making model.

The final part of the report analyzes various limitations that prevented the decision-maker from reaching an optimal solution in the case. Decision scenario One of the hardest decisions for managers is to have to lay off several workers. Recently, several government institutions have undergone restructuring programs where they have had to lay off hundreds of workers. The human resource manager at the education ministry was forced to make a lay-off decision due to the pressure of an increased wage bill and decreasing budget allocation. The laying off decision is hard as the manager had to show that laid-off workers did nothing wrong.

Secondly, the human resource manager has to show that the decision was rational. The manager has to show that the laid-off employees were not sacked because they were not skillful enough, or lacked work ethics, or were not liked in the organization. The manager also has to show that the poorest performers were the ones shown the door while the top performers were retained in the organization. The layoff decision was made after the ministry of education failed to get the budget allocation expected.

The layoff was the best solution after it was found that that employee was a huge cost to the organization. My employer found that the cost of benefits, expenses, and payroll taxes were a great burden on the organization.  


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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