Essays on CIPD Branch Presentation, Ethics, and Accountability Case Study

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The paper “ CIPD Branch Presentation, Ethics, and Accountability” is a spectacular example of the case study on finance & accounting. The organization to be covered in this paper is Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation otherwise called HSBC Holdings Plc. This public company was incorporated in England and Wales. The organization has its head office in London and conducts business in five specific regions of Europe, Hong Kong, Asia Pacific, North, and South America. This group has listings on London, Hong Kong, New York, Paris, and Bermuda stock exchange.

According to the HSBA annual report of 2010, shares are held by more than 221,000 shareholders in 127 countries (Narayana, 2010). The institution provides banking and financial services to personal, commercial, corporate, institutional and investment, and private banking clients across the globe. In a bid to differentiate itself from competitors, the bank launched a campaign in 2009 that described HSBC's unique characteristics. These differentiated characteristics were summarised in the words “ The World’ s Local Bank. ” The objective of HSBC is to ensure consistent earnings and superior risk-adjusted returns for the shareholder (HSBC Annual Report, 2001).

One of the strategies used is competing as a universal bank in the provision of financial services in areas where the company has scale or rather a competitive advantage. The other strategy is to access fast-growing economies such as Greater China. This bank recognizes that highly motivated employees can assist the organization reaches its goals. Strategic management of human resources would therefore go a long way in improving the productivity of employees. HSBC key competitorsThe key HSBC business areas are in Global Banking and Marketing, Private and Commercial banking, and Personal Finance Services.

All these sections allow the bank to use global trends to stimulate its current and new markets. In the outlined business areas, HSBC faces stiff competition both emerging financial institutions and the existing global banks. Competitors facing HSBC Holdings Limited mainly comprise of the global banks i. e. Citibank, ING, JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, and Deutsche Bank. Part of multinational banks has developed strong and profitable franchises with a number of services.    



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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