Essays on Circular Economy - Supply Chain Management and Advanced Manufacturing Technologies Case Study

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The paper "Circular Economy - Supply Chain Management and Advanced Manufacturing Technologies" is a perfect example of a business case study.   Business enterprises aim at expanding operations by increasing production and sales of commodities. Management is a broad field whose subdivided tasks according to departments within an organization. According to Cottrill, 2011, one important area of an organization’ s management supplies chain management. All products and services produced by a company have to find a place in the market. An organization has to identify relevant strategies and implement them to increase the sales and market performance of an organization.

These functions fall under the supply chain management of an organization. Supply chain management has to understand all market trends and develop a streamline supply strategy that will ensure an organization’ s products sell. Also, an efficient supply chain management can ignite technological advancement. Technological advancements have characterized in the field of communication and transport (Cottrill, 2011). Supply chain management benefits from many opportunities for technological advancement. Technology can make communication between producers and consumers more effective (Shipp et al. , 2011). With technology, a company can easily adjust to produce specific commodities without changing the traditional processes of an organization.

Service delivery and market performance significantly increase after the adoption of technology. Supply chain management and technological advancements can be instrumental in ensuring the sustainability of an organization. This essay reviews the significance of supply chain management and advancement in technology and the transition to sustainability. The case of Boeing aerospace industry and relevant literature signifies the relevance of supply chain management and technology. 2. Discussion Supply chain management and additive technology are essential in tools that drive technological improvement.

These two can lead to innovation of new products in the market as well as enhancing the quality of commodities and services in the market. Supply chain management has as stated earlier may involve market research to develop a new approach to business either by alteration of the supply chain plan, change of the production process or modification of a commodity. Additive technology is one good example of a technological advancement that diversifies a business approach (Shipp et al. , 2011). Additive technology is an advancement enables a company to develop a new approach in production and increases flexibility.

Alteration of a production process is one major characteristic of the additive technology. One industry that has displayed more effort in the adoption of additive manufacturing technology is the Boeing aerospace industry. The industry manufactures over 20,000 parts of commercial and military planes using the additive process. Supply chain management According to Janssen et al. (2014), supply chain management has various roles within an organization’ s business. A good supply chain management should ensure that a company prospers in all its operations. There is a need for an efficient supply chain plan to match the advancing technology in the field of transport and communication.

A supply chain management includes the procurement of raw materials, production process, warehousing and distribution to retailers or customers. Management should ensure all activities along the supply chain are controlled. A supply chain is a complex network that requires an extensive study and updating to maintain market relevance. It is a dynamic field that requires a company to vary and adjust its system. There are several challenges and opportunities in supply chain management.

Only large firms can conduct comprehensive market research to improve the supply chain (Ross, 2010). In most cases, Limited financial muscles lockout Small companies doing market research (Shipp et al. , 2011). However, market research creates a challenging environment for new technology to emerge and introduces new products in the market. The Boeing aerospace company pursues these opportunities using its financial muscles to invest in technology.


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