Essays on City Furniture and Mattress Company Analysis Case Study

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The paper "City Furniture and Mattress Company Analysis" is a perfect example of a business case study.   This report is about City Furniture And Mattress Company which is serving the need of the people in terms of providing them with furniture goods. Currently, the company is going through financial turmoil and is facing various internal and external challenges. City Furniture and Mattress (CFM) was previously working with four stores which in the end manage to hold two of its stores one in the Greater Toronto area and the other at Pickering. In this report, internal and external challenges will be discussed and will give possible solutions and recommendations for overcoming these problems and will devise a road map for CFM to carry out proceedings in this competitive market and what possible ways the company can measure in order to increase its sales. EXTERNAL CHALLENGES: City Furniture and Mattress is currently going through turmoil and has to bear several internal and external challenges.

The magnitude of these challenges is affecting the growth and productivity of the company and is causing curiosity and tension in the mind of Rajeev Singh in order to take the decision of either pursuing the business or putting it to an end. There are several external challenges that CFM has faced which are highlighted below: Industry going through turmoil: One of the foremost challenges that Rajeev Singh has to look into account is current industry trends.

Within the last ten, to fifteen years the furniture market has changed dramatically. Initially, the consumption of local furniture was at the peak. A significant amount of furniture sold nationwide was manufactured in Canada. The rest had exception because the kinds were not easy to make here.

More people are now using Asian furniture and which is the reason why it is dominating the furniture industry for several reasons. First, the affordability factor somehow resulted in changing people’ s perception (though designing may be the case) in terms of buying furniture. Another possible reason is the mass use of leather furniture which somehow allows small businesses to display it in their stores. Because of the customization process as they have a limited amount of colours to select from them so naturally will give them an edge of installing this furniture in their display centres.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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