Essays on City Link - Premium Express Company's Most Appropriate Marketing Communication Strategies and Tactics Case Study

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The paper “ City Link - Premium Express Company’ s Most Appropriate Marketing Communication Strategies and Tactics” is a  meaningful variant of case study on marketing. City Link - Premium Express Company is a company that offers parcel delivery services. The company is located in England. The company further offers the leading premium based delivery services in a flexible, quality and innovative way in the entire UK region, to Ireland and to the entire world. The company was established in 1969 and since then, it has been able to offer the best delivery services.

It has been able to establish a strong network in the region, which has been able to link many nations with a good customer based network. Despite the success of the company, the past few years have proven challenging to the management and the entire company. During this time, the company experienced a crisis management problem and lost many of its customers, making the image of the company to be tarnished. The company has since then taken a major step to winning back the customers improve the image of the company as well as attracting prospective customers.

They have decided to carry out integrated marketing communications using the COSTAS framework for a period of one year. This is an option is considered as it considered to be effective in achieving the objectives and the goals of the company. Marketing communication refers to the process of creating awareness, reminding or/and persuading customers of a product or a service (Yeshin, 2002). Marketing communication is significant in influencing a buyer’ s purchasing decision. Integrated marketing communication (IMC), on the other hand, refers to judicious and the effective use of promotional tools of a product in passing a message across to the customers or potential customers (Yeshin, 2002). The effect of IMC to the existing and prospective customers is often noticeable.

This is because the framework of IMC involves the interaction of different marketing communication elements, which have the potential to improve or trigger other communication media to contribute (Belch and Belch, 2003). A marketing plan is important in attaining success in marketing. This is because it enables a company and its marketing team to focus on the marketing process.

A marketing plan can be prepared using different approaches. However, there are key stages for these different approaches. These key stages are contained in an acronym SOSTC, that is, situation analysis, objectives, strategies, tactics, and control (Reid, 2003). Integrated marketing communication is an aggressive marketing strategy that aims to capture and use an extensive amount of information about customers to set and track marketing strategy (Reid, 2003). It thus involves the coordination of the outgoing message of a company and the consistency of the message between various media. An integrated marketing system is thus an organized process.

The steps used in integrated marketing system include (Reid, 2003) Database with customer information; this element is crucial in segmenting and analyzing customers’ buying habits. Strategies; insight from the analysis of the data about the customer is utilized in shaping marketing, communication and sales strategies. Tactic; the strategy is determined and the most appropriate tactic for marketing is specified. Evaluation of results, the effectiveness of the tactics and the strategies are determined through the analysis of the customers’ responses.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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