Essays on CitySnacks Restaurants - Market Research Program Analysis and Marketing Plan Formulation Case Study

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The paper “ CitySnacks Restaurants - Market Research Program Analysis and Marketing Plan Formulation” is an  inspiring example of a case study on marketing. CitySnacks restaurant, being a major retailing division of the Pleasure Food Restaurant Group PLC (PFRGPLC) based in Manchester, is an example of fast food that is very successful and rapidly growing with restaurants in most U. K. city centers. However, in recent years, the saturation level has been reached by the company and competition has become tougher with other food businesses. Thus, the company felt the need to implement a more stringent and professional marketing strategy in order to retain its growing customers and stay on the lead with competitors.

With this situation at hand, the company hired Mr. Tim Cairns as the new Marketing Director to take the lead and manage the company’ s marketing programs. Unfortunately, there are so many current internal organizational and marketing issues or problems that the company is facing, that needs to be addressed before and during the transition period in order to have a clear direction on how to accomplish the goals and objectives of the company.

The following presents a detailed analysis and view of the current situation of the company, the strategies that need to be undertaken and the steps necessary for how the strategies will be realized to attain the desired goals and objectives. Situation Analysis (Where are we now) This section will present the current position of the company, recognize the threats, and identify the opportunities that the company can utilize which may lead to new marketing segments that will be beneficial to the growth of the company. In order to best assess the current situation of CitySnacks, the SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis will be employed to help in identifying the marketing strategy to take and in the decision making the process.

The first that will be looked into are the internal factors - the strengths that can be used or build on, and the weaknesses within that need to be overcome, avoided or minimized. Then, the external factors are determined which are the key opportunities that CitySnacks can exploit and the possible threats that should be overcome or ward off (Stapleton and Thomas, 1998). StrengthsAt present, CitySnacks have an outlet in most U. K.

city centers (Midlands, South and North) selling a wide range of food from simple to high end types that caters to people from all walks of life, and contributes around 65% of the total revenues of Pleasure Food Restaurant Group PLC without having to change or improve much on the quality of the goods and services. As a result, the company is seen to have a good market share or representation in the fast-food business and the reputation of being a successful retailer.

The company is also backed by a good name is a flourishing division of the Pleasure Food Restaurant Group PLC. The locations of the restaurants are ideal as most are in city centers and through this, they are able to tap their target customers giving them the profit that they need with every store that they open in any area.    

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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