Essays on Ethics and CSR Versus Corporate Objective of Profit Making Essay

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The paper "Ethics and CSR Versus Corporate Objective of Profit Making" is a great example of a management essay. Why do companies and businesses get formed? Why do people work so hard every day to ensure that their businesses are successful? Koss believes that businesses are designed for the sole purpose of profit-making (57). According to him, the capacity of businesses to make profits and sustain their operations is what gives these businesses their lifeline (Koss 57). Several other authors share this opinion (Chieg 77; Boyatzis and Soler 24) but extend to state that sometimes the purpose of setting up a company goes beyond the realm of making a profit (Kozlinskis and Guseva 112).

Mostly, the concept of corporate social responsibility (CSR) is emphasized and widely practiced among many different companies in the world. However, sometimes companies find that they have to maintain a very tender balance between their CSR obligations and the major objective of making profits. While others do this in a very well defined and practical approach, other companies find themselves having a state of conflict between the two.

This essay paper will examine how the company has managed to successfully effect a balance between its profit-making activities and its corporate social responsibility. The company under discussion here is ‘ Interface’ , a carpet manufacturing company based in Atlanta, Georgia in the USA. The various components of the CSR that this company engages in will be illuminated in this essay. To be able to contrast this company’ s performance with others in the market, the paper will look into the corporate as well as management practices of Interface limited and identify what practices ought to be incorporated in the daily operations of many companies today.

Definitions of CSR and its general applicability will also be offered and then a link connecting the profit-making segment of Interface and CSR established. It will be found out from this discourse that Interface is among the companies that know how to have a well-blended combination of CSR and profit-making as they use CSR to ensure that their sales volumes are boosted. Defining CSR Basically, corporate social responsibility involves the act of giving back to the community. The manner through which this is conducted is usually left to the management of the company itself to decide.

Freeman and Hasnaoui state that there is no clear-cut definition of CSR (419).

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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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