Essays on Client and Customer Relationship Management and Strategies Assignment

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The paper "Client and Customer Relationship Management and Strategies" is a worthy example of an assignment on marketing. As Edward Gibbon puts it, we cannot specifically certain the possible height the human species is aspiring to achieve in his own heart. In his quote, he says that we can accept in a comforting position that every generation of the world is increasing in terms of the real wealth, happiness, the knowledge and at times the morals as well. This affirms the use of technology that has taken the whole world with surprise.

Use of technology is applicable in every discipline how much more is it applicable in the department of Client and Customer Relationship Management and Strategy with the ever-increasing population. Walter Disney a businessperson, came with an idea to solve the problem of a long queue in the field of business through the use of technology. Disney was a popular person in the American animation Industry. He was a producer, director voice actor, and screenwriter. He was a significant figure in the world of entertainment. As a businessman in the Hollywood industry, he founded the Walter Disney Production Company in cooperation with his brother Roy Disney.

The company later changed the name to Wilt Disney Company which was best known in film production. Disney was well known as an innovator in the field of film production. The main question is how could he use his innovation to improve CRM in his business. This paper will help us underscore some of the technological innovations he used to solve business growth problems to ensure customer relationship management. As the business grows, the customers stream in to get services to meet their needs.

Customers sometimes get it difficult to be served due to the long lines making them for long hence tiring them. This was the case in Walt Disney World Company which handled more than 30 million visitors annually. One of the strategies he used was to fit an underground operation center known as Disney’ s’ Operation Center. Within the center, there were technicians who could tell that you are on the line and most probably annoyed of the stay. For this matter, they could look for a mission to get out of the line very fast.

To manage their clients who were over 30 million without one going unsatisfied Wilt Disney World turned the art of controlling the crowd into a science. Wilt Disney World regarded as being the best and happiest place in the world was eager to fasten the movement of the line in the company. Therefore, they shifted into a culture of impatience within the customers. Clients were fed with video games and smartphones to keep them busy before they were served. As a result of the increasing number of clients, Disney fitted the underground nerve center to deal with the problem of low technology in the firm that might lead to long queues making the clients feel dissatisfied.

The new underground center was under the supervision of Cinderella Castle.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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