Essays on Organ Donation and Transplant Foundation of WA Organization Case Study

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The paper "Organ Donation and Transplant Foundation of WA Organization" is a wonderful example of a case study on business. The organ donation and transplant foundation (ODAT) of WA is a non-profit, independent organization founded in September 2008 by Simone McMahon after becoming a transplant recipient in 1993. It provides community services that save lives, improves quality of life and has a cost-benefit for society through organ and tissue donations. Each year there are only approximately 200 organ donors across Australia. This figure puts Australia as the lowest organ donor in the developed countries.

Statistics show that around 1600 people are on the Australian transplant waiting list. Those people in the list can for about 6 months to 4 years to get a donor. This increases the waiting list of deaths in the country. The foundation aims at creating community awareness on the importance of organ and tissue donation. The Internal and External Environment of the Organization Internal Environment; TOWS Analysis Strengths and Opportunities; Progress in medical science and technology has contributed to the growth of organ and tissue transplants. ODAT like any other organization needs to conduct TOWS, which the process of analyzing the threats and opportunities in an organization before looking at the weaknesses and strengths. Weaknesses and Threats; As a non-profit organization ODAT major threat is funding.

The foundation relies on a government grant, donations from private businesses and institutions and even the WA community. Lack of funds could lead to closure or the organization to run down. Lack of incentives for doctors to embrace the electronic system or even to motivate them. This may open doors for another threat and is the black market where they sell the organs to the customers.

One other challenge is fighting misconceptions with the truth, scaring away the donors. The Australian government has spared the health sector from broad funding cuts to provide a budget for tough economic times and to fund a budget surplus. This is a great opportunity for the organization to expand at a lower cost. 90% of the Australian population support organ/tissue donation and this provides an opportunity for expansion. This opportunity helps one to overcome the threats. The organization staff at the lower level are those who volunteer and in case there are no volunteers this weakness creates a gap.

ODAT was founded by Simone after getting a transplant. The founder is passionate and a young leader with vibrant skills. Aligning the organization's strengths and weaknesses to the threats and opportunities lead to expansion. Creating well-labeled management by introducing new skills could increase donor funding because donors have confidence. The company is built through a strong network by the support group ranging from individual business organizations to individual groups. Through the work placement environment, it provides a mutual benefit between ODAT and the people involved.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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