Essays on Coca-Cola Company's Situation Analysis and the Association of the Company with Olympics Research Proposal

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The paper “ Coca-Cola Company’ s Situation Analysis and the Association of the Company with Olympics” is a  breathtaking example of a research proposal on marketing. The Coca-Cola Company has just launched its Global 2012 Olympic marketing campaign on 29th September 2011. The marketing campaign is titled “ Move to the Beat” and it is led by Mark Ronson, a British Grammy award-winning music producer. This paper analyzes this move made by Coca-Cola with the aim of finding out whether it is good for the company or not. It further identifies the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to the Coca-Cola Company after taking this move so as to determine opportunities for further growth in the future.

The paper analyzes the Coca-Cola Company with the aim of further understanding of whether the marketing campaign is good for the company or not. The Olympic Games are major intercontinental sporting events that feature both winter and summer sports involving the participation of thousands of athletes from all over the world in a variety of competitions. The Olympic Games are regarded as the world’ s most popular sports competitions.

Currently, the games are held every two years because the winter and summer Olympic Games keep alternating, but in the real sense, they occur after every four years of their respective seasonal games (Buchanan 2001). The Olympic Games are known to attract worldwide attention through various forms of media and millions of spectators who turn up to the host cities to witness them. The Olympic Games have therefore proven to be one of the most effective platforms for international marketing in the world. This is because of the worldwide recognition and appreciation that they have, reaching billions and billions of people, in more than 200 territories and countries throughout the world. From the five rings symbol of the Olympics, it is evident that the Olympic movement aims to unite the five inhabited continents of the world, namely Africa, America, Asia, Australia, and Europe.

The Coca-Cola Company realized the effectiveness of the Olympic Games in bringing people together and in attracting and retaining the attention of billions of people throughout the world. The Company has therefore decided to launch a marketing campaign for the London Olympics expected in 2012.

The campaign is aimed at bringing sport, music and the youth together and also create popularity for the Coca-Cola Company among sports lovers, the youth, music lovers and the rest of the world. The Coca-Cola Company aims to make this marketing campaign different from the other campaigns that it has been using in the previous Olympic Games. The Coca-Cola Company operates in a highly competitive business environment and has decided to use the 2012 London Olympics as a platform to market itself (Coca-Cola 2011). Situation Analysis of the Coca-Cola CompanyIn 1886, John Pemberton, an Atlanta pharmacist, began selling a new caramel-colored carbonated drink.

It was through Pemberton’ s initiative that the world today has one of the most famous beverages (Pendergrast 2000). Innovative businessmen such as Robert Woodruff and Asa Griggs Candler helped Pembroke to give this beverage the status that it has today. The drink came to be known as Coca-Cola, or simply Coke. The trio developed the beverage business and started the Coca-Cola Company (Elliott 2002). The company has grown to be the world’ s largest beverage company.

It boasts of over 500 international still and sparkling brands and has more than 15 billion dollar brands in its portfolio (Coca-Cola 2011). The Coca-Cola Company operates in over 200 countries and serves more than 1.7 billion customers per day. It has more than 3500 different products including sparkling beverages, still beverages, juices, and juice drinks, coffees, teas, waters, energy drinks, sports drinks, soy-based beverages, and milk-based beverages among others. The mission of the Coca-Cola Company is to refresh the world, inspire moments of optimism and create value while making a difference.

The company is committed to sustainability through protecting the environment, respecting the people, offering safe and quality products and supporting communities.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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