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The paper "Cochlear Company - Pest Analysis" is an outstanding example of a marketing case study. Cochlear company is a popular company in Australia that is based in the country’ s capital, Sydney. It is known to produce and supply several implants. The implants are the Baha bone, the Hybrid electro-acoustic, and the Nucleus cochlear implants. Greenbalt (2005) indicates that the Cochlear Company is one of the largest implant companies in the world holding slightly above 65% of the hearing implant market of the world. The nucleus implant is a simulated electrical device that it is often placed behind the ear of a patient.

It has a processor that picks sound signals and sends them to the brain of the patient. Additionally, the hybrid implant is known to combine an acoustic hearing aid and a cochlear implant. This is mainly used by or meant for patients that have low-frequency hearing complications. The Baha implant is often implanted with a bone behind the ear of a patient in order to enhance the hearing capability. The manufactured products from the Cochlear Company have several overseas markets (Greenbalt, 2005).

This paper focuses on Cochlear’ s market in the US. The paper will specifically discuss how macro-environmental factors affect the marketing strategies of the company which include political factors, economic factors, social factors, and technological factors. About Cochlear The Cochlear Company manufactures quality products that are accepted in several overseas markets. One of the countries where the company supplies its products in the United States of America. In the US, the company has annual sales of approximately 297 million dollars. The marketing environment of the company in the US faces several challenges.

In fact, Kotler and Gary (2006) argue that there are various macro-environmental factors that affect the ability of the company to establish and maintain good rapport with its customers. One of the factors behind the success of a company is a strong customer base. Therefore, the company has to overcome the macro-environmental challenges.   Political To begin with, one of the factors that influence the marketing of the Cochlear Company in the US is political factors. They include legislations, laws and government policies. In the US, there are legislations of the federal government and of the state governments.

The legislations have the ability to restrict a company from marketing or selling their products in the country. Constitutional laws can also be amended such that they will regulate the way the Cochlear Company does its marketing within the Country. Government policies at times do not favor foreign companies. Except for the competition that the foreign companies such as the Cochlear Company could pose to the American Companies, they provide employment to the American citizens. Matterson (2004) indicates that: “ The American government often sets up policies that regulate the activities and operations of the foreign companies” . By doing so, Cochlear Company’ s ability to market its manufactured products has to meet certain legal conditions that may not be similar to those in the home country Australia. The other way that the US government can influence the marketing of the company is by putting up campaign awareness programs to enhance the operations of the company (Matterson, 2004).

This results in high profits incurred by the company. Both the federal and state governments can also act as customers of the Cochlear Company.

When the governments purchase goods and services of the Cochlear Company, they will be helping to market the company to other customers who will be interested in buying their products.


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