Essays on The Code of Conduct for the Upstart Company Assignment

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The paper "The Code of Conduct for the Upstart Company" is a wonderful example of an assignment on business. The code of conduct for the upstart company under consideration is as follows: The company will evince a strong commitment to ethics and values in all the aspects of its business. In this company, the individuals will show respect for all the other individuals irrespective of their background, ethnicity, experience, work style and approach. Common sense corroborates to the fact that people tend to be more efficient and productive if they believe that the vocation that they are employed in is honest and that they are genuinely respected at their workplace for their hard work and ingenuity. The company holds itself accountable for all the actions performed and services rendered in its name.

In a micro context, all the individual managers and employees will be expected to be accountable for the decisions taken and actions performed by them. This will make sure that the human resources in the company spend their time and energy in finding solutions and fixing problems, rather than fixing the blame.

This will motivate the individual employees and teams to engage in meaningful and productive communication and discussions. This company is strongly committed to diversity inclusion. It is our firm belief that differences in perceptions and beliefs enrich the company by bringing in new ideas and ways of doing things. Besides, considering the fact that this company will be expected to operate in a globalized economic environment, valuing diversity will help the company thrive on the diverse talents specific to the employees hailing from diverse backgrounds. The company also intends to evince the same panache for diversity in the case of its suppliers also.

The very act of partnering with diverse suppliers will give way to a deluge of new ideas, opportunities, solutions that will benefit the company in varied ways. The company is committed to promoting and encouraging environment-friendly procedures and ways of doing things. Such an approach is in the long run expected to benefit all the varied stakeholders that are the employees, customers, suppliers and the communities in which the company will operate in the long run.

The company will operate in a way that will show respect for the environment and tends to conserve scarce natural resources. The company will closely cooperate and partner with the communities, government agencies, concerned organizations, contractors and suppliers who are interested in protecting the environment. The company will affiliate to good environmental practices in all the aspects of its business, be it manufacturing, packaging or others. The company will care about the communities in which it will operate and will invest in these communities. The employees will be encouraged and amply supported if they choose to volunteer in the community friendly activities.

The company will show respect for the values and traditions of the communities with which it will engage and will try its best to make such investments in these communities that will result in fruitful and long-lasting benefits.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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