Essays on Code of Ethics Comparisons Assignment

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 Code of Ethics Comparisons Exxon Mobile Exxon Mobile has a code of ethics that applies to all employees, directors and affiliates. The code of ethics states that Exxon promises to comply with all government laws and regulations. Exxon is highly dependent on its reputation. Fairness is important and all employees and third parties are to be treated fair. Exxon mobile has strict procedures that conform to an open door policy. Exxon focuses heavily on honesty and the promise not to demoralize. Ford Motor Company Ford Motor Company has a code of ethics that is different for each type of employee.

The basic code of ethics book is laid out in an easy to read and understand format. The Ford Motor Company code of ethics focuses around the main goal of its creator Henry Ford. Business is to be conducted fair and honestly. Breaking the code of ethics can result in fines and punishment. Work environments must remain healthy and safe according to government regulations. Ford does not tolerate and gifts or favors that take away from profit for Ford Motor Company. Any materials or secrets within Fords are to remain private and not to be sold.

Products must be made with quality and in a responsible manner. The Better Policy Ford Motor Company contains the better policy as it is in an easy to read format that highlights specific areas and pertains to specific employees. The ASME code of ethics states all engineers should remain honest and look out for the integrity of human welfare and Ford shares these same ethics. ASME fundamentals include specifics on maintaining safety, as does the Ford Motor Company code of ethics. The Worst Policy Exxon Mobile is the worst policy as it is a general policy for all employees and directors even thought different duties are carried out.

The policy does briefly state similar codes that are found in ASME code of ethics but not near as many as Ford Motor Company. The policy does not conform directly to ASME code of ethics as it does not take into consideration environmental concerns. Conclusion Exxon Mobile does contain a fair code of ethics that expresses the need for fairness, honesty and employee performance but does not wholly conform to ASME standards.

Ford Motor Company’s code of ethics highlights different factors that allow the coed of ethics to conform to similar standards of ASME. Therefore, Ford Motor Company contains the better policy as relates to ASME. Codes Referenced ASME - http: //files. asme. org/asmeorg/governance/3675.pdf Ford Motor Company - http: //corporate. ford. com/doc/corporate_conduct_standards. pdf Exxon Mobile - http: //www. exxonmobil. com/corporate/files/corporate/investor_governance_ethics. pdf

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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