Essays on Coding and Evaluation of Responses of KDS Stores Users Research Proposal

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The paper "Coding and Evaluation of Responses of KDS Stores Users" is a wonderful example of a research proposal on business. This report is a qualitative analysis of the research conducted into the Kingston Department Stores (hereafter referred to as KDS) and it provides an insight into the kind of consumer preferences and consumer desires in order to improve upon them. The essence of this report is to present important trends and patterns in the research. To this end, there will be a review of the important elements and aspects of the fieldwork and this will be coded through a coding scheme that will lead to the presentation of a framework chart that will provide the parameters within which there would be an analysis of the data in order to draw conclusions as well as the recommendations.

Scope of Research This study will examine the fundamental motivations and the shopping characteristics of customers of Kingston Department Stores (KDS). The extract of the responses studied in this report covers a group of middle-aged ladies over 40 years who provided an array of responses.

To this end, there are 9 out of a total of 60 responses that are critiqued and analyzed with the view of achieving the following ends linked to various research questions: 1. The motivation of customers who use KDS; 2. Aspects of the store that encourage or discourage the use of the shop; 3. Customer expectations from KDS & 4. An evaluation of the kinds of competition KDS is facing Interpretation Approach As identified above, research was conducted to identify the needs and expectations of customers of KDS. This report focuses on the main elements and aspects of the expectations of respondents who were over the age of 40.

To this end, 9 out of the 60 interviews that involved these persons are critiqued and analyzed in order to provide a conclusion. The interviews were mainly structured interviews with a series of questions that are presented to the respondents in an open-ended fashion. Therefore, it was necessary to code the responses in order to get some kind of consistency in order to complete the findings. The interpretation culminated in the definition of important pointers that had major linkages to the fundamental pointers that are included in the data collection.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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