Essays on Requirements in Relation to Starting a Coffee Shop in Australia Case Study

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The paper "Requirements in Relation to Starting a Coffee Shop in Australia" is a perfect example of a business case study. Starting up a business venture can be a hectic task. This is considering that proper plans are required that act as a firm foundation for the business. When starting up a business venture, all the regulatory issues have to be adhered to so as to avoid going against the nation’ s rules and regulations. This requires adequate research to be carried out so that all requirements are met. Insurance measures also have to be put in place to guard against various risks that are associated with running a business.

For a business to run smoothly, proper communication strategies have to be put in place. Trading hours have to be well planned to enable the business to reap maximum profits. This paper, therefore, looks at all these requirements in relation to starting a coffee shop in Australia. (James, 1991, p. 112) Regulatory issues Research carried out in Australia shows that there are various legal requirements laid down by the government that businesses have to adhere to.

These regulations are quite diverse for different types of businesses. One of the regulatory requirements for starting a coffee shop is to register the business name. This has to be carried out so that the name can be recognized as a trademark. This is quite essential as it will help distinguish the coffee shop from the others in the nation, town, etc. It is quite essential as it helps guard the business name in such a way that other people cannot use to for trading. After registration of the coffee shop trademark, it will be protected in all Australian territories and states.

This will be done within a period of ten years. (James, 1991, p. 115) It is quite essential to seek out the Australian Business Number (ABN) which is quite essential when registering for GST. If the coffee shop business is expected to accrue annual sales of more than seventy-five dollars, then it has to be registered with GST (goods and services tax). In case the business will have a sole trader, then a TFN, this is a tax file number that is personal can be used.

In case the coffee shop business will be a partnership business then the stakeholders have to apply for the business tax file number. It is also very essential that stakeholders in the business visit the local council. (James, 1991, p. 122)

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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